by : Vandana Arora
April 18th 2022
A Detailed Comparison between JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Learning technical words can indeed be a pain. There are so many that it’s difficult to come up with clear explanations, and just when you think you’ve worked out what one term means, you’ll hear someone use it in a way you’ve never heard before… Consider the distinction between JavaScript libraries and JavaScript frameworks. These …

by : ongraph
May 4th 2020
Java vs .Net: Which One To Choose For Android App Development?

JavaScript and HTML/CSS are the essential building blocks of any project, with about 68 percent claiming to have used JavaScript, while 63.5 percent to have used HTML/CSS. Java not only has emerged as one of the most widely used programming languages in 2019 around the world, but has also been encouraged by Google. Here, as …

by : ongraph
December 9th 2013
Marshalling and Unmarshalling Java Objects using JAXB

Java for XML Binding, Use annotation pattern to convert java object to or from xml. Here the two terms mostly used are Marshaling and Unmarshaling. Read further to understand about them and build a sample code.

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