What is Node.js development

Node.js is an asynchronous JavaScript runtime built on Google’s v8 engine. It is an open-source, event-driven, and lightweight I/O model. It can run on any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, etc. 

Since its initial release in 2009, it has been gaining a lot of popularity among companies and developers all over the globe.

Other notable features of Node.js includes Real-time performance-driven web & app development, Highly scalable & flexible, supports npm, multi-platform support, easy up-gradation & maintenance, best suitable for non-blocking, event-driven servers.

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node.js development services

Leverage the potential of Node.js App Development


npm has two roles to play in Node.js: 

  1. When you install Node.js in your system , the npm gets installed. It is a package manager for Node.js packages or modules. 
  2. It comprises  a command-line utility for dealing with the repository that facilitates version control, package installation, and dependency management.

Multiple Node.js applications and libraries are added on npm, and many more are published daily.

Great libraries

Startups to enterprise-level organizations prefer Node.js for developing large-scale applications for multiple reasons. One reason is that Node.js can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Secondly, it has large and active community support along with multiple libraries that make it more convenient to use. To name a few, Express, Gulp, Request, underscore.js, Lodash, MailParser, Redis, md5, JSON Web Token, nodemailer, and so on.

High performance

Node.js is built on Google Chromes’s V8 engine which helps in faster code execution. The engine converts JavaScript code into machine code, making it easier and quicker to implement. Its high performance is due to concepts like asynchronous programming and the way it uses non-blocking input-output operations. Node.js makes good use of events, which makes it fairly quick.

Active community

Being an open-source technology, Node.js has a vast global community. The large and active community of Node.js helps community members to get answers to their queries instantly. The community shares tools, packages, frameworks, and modules with everyone, absolutely free of cost. 

Not only this but the Node.js community played an important role in the development of frameworks like Express.js, Derby, Koa.js, Meteor, Hapi.js, and more.


Node.js is asynchronous (non-blocking) in nature. This means that whenever a client sends a request to the server, a single thread manages the request; if the request does not entail any database interaction, it is processed, and the server replies to the client. The thread is prepared to deal with the next request.

Streaming web applications

A stream module in Node.js enables it to send large data in small pieces. As a result, it’s the best choice for services that enable users to watch films or listen to music without having to download them.

Real-time web applications

The event loop API and WebSockets make it feasible to build real-time web applications, such as video conference rooms, chat, and collaboration tools that let coworkers work on the same page simultaneously, for example; Google Docs.


In addition, Node can be used to build microservices, applications made up of small, independent services.

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competitive pricing
Competitive Cost

In comparison to other companies, our low operating costs make us incredibly reasonable. We give adequate resources at a significantly reduced price.

Time Limits

We are firm believers in deadlines. We have always completed all of our projects on time. We understand that any delays in the project can harm your business. As a result, we always deliver on time.

Product Orientation

We believe in time management just as much as we believe in product quality, and we strive to reach the highest possible product quality. We offer solutions to our clients rather than problems.

Proficient Developers
Experienced Team

As a leading Nodejs development company, our team uses the best web design and development to help you take your business to the next level, taking into account today’s market demand and complex business climate. We work on every Node.js version from V10 onwards.

Node.js Libraries

Since software development depends on libraries these days, our team of professional developers is always updated with the latest libraries. The same is the case with Node.js libraries. Therefore, we use moment.js, underscore.js, Lodash, MailParser, Redis, md5, JSON Web Token, and nodemailer.

Serve various industries

We deal in various industries and provide top-notch Node.js solutions. We have built marketing research and subscription-based websites and deployed them to AWS using Nodejs development services.

One-Stop Destination

From planning, design, development, marketing, and maintenance, our well-organized hierarchy creates separate divisions for each of our services. So, no matter what project you’re working on, we’re a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Result Oriented

Our top priority is to focus on your goals and help you achieve them online. We guarantee you exceptional results, including increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty, and a large number of new leads.

Customer Service

Our customer service strategy is a demonstration of the excellence we provide to our customers. We aim to provide the best customer service compared to any other online marketing, web design, web development company in the industry.

Frequently Asked Question

The reasons for choosing Node.js are given below:

  • It uses Javascript both on the server and client-side.
  • It is lightweight due to its event-driven architecture.
  • Fast data streaming.
  • Open source and community-driven modules.

The overall time of project completion depends on the requirements and complexities of the project. To get quotations, fill out this form

Our experts will analyze the project requirements, how many developers and hours are required to fulfill them, then they will get back to you with an estimated cost.

The expenses vary according to the hiring models. Also, the project complexity and the necessary features play a decisive role.

We ensures absolute transparency in the development process. We constantly update our clients about the progress of the project.

Node.js works as a savior for many developers and enterprises because of its exceptionally fast execution speed. Many large enterprises have been leveraging this quality of Node.js for their benefit. Node.js features like Understanding asynchronous, Event loop, and the Role of V8 in optimizing your code, make it faster and unique.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and therefore, we have a set of flexible pricing models based on the client’s unique requirements. Choose your preferred pricing model from:

  • Fixed Price
  • Hourly (Time and Material)
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Monthly Bucket Hours
  • Application Support Plans




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