by : Aashiya Mittal
September 25th 2023
Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Market Research – which is better for data analysis?

Market research is a crucial component of advancing knowledge in various fields. It encompasses a range of methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative research. There has always been confusion about which method to adopt for data analysis. The actual difference lies in the type of data they collect and analyze.  Qualitative research explores subjective experiences, meanings, …

by : Zahwah Jameel
September 22nd 2023
How Is Blockchain Reshaping the Landscape of Modern Industries?

Imagine a world where a farmer in rural India gets an instant, tamper-proof payment for his produce from an international buyer, all without the need for intermediaries or hefty transaction fees. This isn’t a glimpse of a distant future but a reality being carved out by blockchain technology today. The decentralized ledger system of blockchain …

by : Aashiya Mittal
September 20th 2023
The Power of E-commerce Personalization: Benefits, Best Practices, and Examples

Today, next-gen e-commerce personalization is the topmost priority of every customer while they shop. A practical personalization approach can help you achieve that. Welcome to the new era of e-commerce, where personalized experiences are the key to unlocking customer satisfaction. For years, businesses have pursued a seamless, cross-channel experience that adapts to real-time individual needs.  …

by : Aashiya Mittal
September 11th 2023
How Much Does Blockchain App Development Cost: A Detailed Overview

Blockchain Technology in web development has been in the market for a very long but got people’s attention during COVID-19. Due to its increasing demand and security aspects, it a huge buzzword in every IT sector. Today, global businesses are adopting blockchain technology which is the major factor in increasing blockchain technology development costs. But, …

by : Aashiya Mittal
August 29th 2023
Python Ray – Transforming the way to Distributed Computing

Scale your most complex AI and Python workloads with Ray, a simple yet powerful Parallel and distributed computing framework. Can you imagine the pain of training complex machine learning models that take days or even months depending on the amount of data you have? What if you can train those models within minutes to a …

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