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This intelligent community platform has manifold features – group chat, events, connectivity, and rewards distribution based on Cryptography and Distributed ledger technology.

Technology & Tools



Leveraging IoT-led data, SOLEPAD instills automation in the company’s front-end sales process, enabling brands to keep a tab on the end-to-end sale cycle and drive an enhanced shopping experience.

Technology & Tools

AWS, Nginx, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Ruby 2.2.4


BAM is an easy-to-use software platform that helps connect event organizers with sponsors to organize their events easily.

Technology & Tools

Ruby 2.2.4, AWS, Boostrap, MySQL, MEAN

Sacred Horizon

Aspirants can easily search for concerts and programs according to their interests to discover their spiritual path and create memorable experiences

Technology & Tools

MEAN, AngularJS, HTML, AWS, Java

Audience Unlock

A digital video ad network to set up full-page video ads and distribute them to the web and mobile apps

Technology & Tools

Ubuntu 16.04, Android, MySQL, Java, HTML


Sportsplay is the ultimate app to discover new friends who share the same interest in sports that you love. It’s one of the leading apps in Asian market that connects people on the basis of sports.

Technology & Tools

Android, MongoDB, Java, Kotlin, iOS


Sales performance is not guaranteed by simply hiring a number of sales representatives but efficient allocation and tracking is extremely important as well. That’s why your retail business needs a CRM solution that connects all your information sources and allows you to make informed decisions.

Technology & Tools

Ruby 2.4.2, CSS, PostgreSQL, HTML, Java,


The app is designed for Spain localities and tourists to easily find out events and plan and organize their daily activities accordingly.

Technology & Tools

MongoDB, Java, Android, Kotlin


Educative is a cloud-based web application for beginner and advanced level developers, corporate tech teams and enterprises for learning and enhancing their programming & coding skills.

Technology & Tools

React, CSS, HTML, Python, PostgreSQL

Classic Spec

It is a one-of-its-kind online store that allows users to style their eye-wears through infusing custom designs and frames the way they like, and/or as per their doctor’s directions.

Technology & Tools


Track My Pocket

Track My Pocket ensures that you can view and analyze your spending patterns, income, and saving trends for a period of your choice – yearly, monthly, and so on.

Technology & Tools

NodeJs, Java, Kotlin, iOS, Android

Channel News Asia

CNA app is available to download and used in 29 territories across Asia with a satellite footprint across Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Technology & Tools

Android, iOS, Kotlin, Java, MongoDB


The application facilitates peer-to-peer engagement with Generation Z. It is enriched with multiple exclusive social engagement features including, secure sign-up, direct messaging, student blogging, social media, video sharing, and many more.

Technology & Tools

React, MySQL, Python, Java, HTML


Goloca is a complete travel solution that allows customers to schedule and track single and multiple tickets for public ferry, water taxi and sea boat rides. This cross-platform boat booking app also provides services to book an entire boat or yacht for events.

Technology & Tools

Android, iOS, Kotlin, Java, AngularJs


BasePin is a platform that fosters seamless collaboration among project members and enables them to get real-time visibility to the projects and their related information

Technology & Tools

SDK, Ubuntu 16.04, MySql, JAVA, HTML

Diem On Demand Services

Built to ‘Seize The Day’, Diem’s on-demand mobile application platform helps customers hire qualified professionals near their locality to take care of their household needs, that too in real-time.

Technology & Tools

HTML, CSS, PHP, Android, Kotlin


Pirkx is a comprehensive platform dedicated to companies, employees, and people working in today’s “Gig Economy”. It aims at making everything rewarding in a corporate or business set-up.

Technology & Tools

HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Ruby 2.4.2


The FreeBeer app idea was conceived with a vision to help people easily find free beers in London city. To keep the users engaged at all times.

Technology & Tools

Kotlin, iOS, Android, Java, AngularJS

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