Custom cross-platform App Development for multiple platforms

Choosing the right platform to build a mobile application is one of the most important aspects of an organization. The platform should ensure a powerful, feature-rich, and user-friendly application that runs smoothly on multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems.

While building an app, companies look for a reliable, cost-efficient, and popular platform that can help reach the business to a large audience.

Cross-platform mobile app development frameworks are thus best suited for creating mobile applications that work well with Android, iOS, and Windows. It saves time to code again for different platforms, helps you broaden the reach of your app, and makes fixes, and future enhancements easy.

We at OnGraph, have a dedicated team for the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks including Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and a couple of others.



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We provide cross-platform application development services for every niche and industry.

Why choose OnGraph as Your Cross-Platform App Development Service Partner?

We specialize in developing custom-made cross-platform mobile applications that are built with a single codebase and use the same IDE, language, and APIs to run seamlessly on both iOS and Android. We have years of experience in developing AR/VR apps, wearable apps, IoT apps, Geo apps, and advanced mobile apps for e-commerce, on-demand services, social networking apps. Our cross-platform app development experts can help you build your next cross-platform mobile application quickly.

User-Centric Apps

Every app is different, and the user interfaces we design are too. Our cross-platform applications are renowned for enhancing user experience to new heights.

Quick Delivery

When you partner with us, speed to market is not an issue. Our team of agile developers is skilled at quickly producing high-quality apps that are ready to use.

Quality Driven Apps

No more compromising the caliber of apps. We deliver cutting-edge, cross-platform apps that speak for themselves using the most recent technologies.

Proven Process

In less than ten years, we have completed numerous projects. We adhere to tried-and-true procedures for success.

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide the best engagement models that are especially created to meet both your short-term and long-term needs.

Rich Track-Record

Our track record is unmatched and exceptional in the field of developing cross-platform mobile apps.

Development Process We Follow

Our development processes are smart and well optimized so that you can relax and see your ideas turning into reality! We follow a comprehensive approach in cross-platform mobile app development process to ensure best-in-class solutions.

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    We safeguard your splendid idea by signing an NDA to protect your original concept and secure your application.

  • Discovery

    We research thoroughly and ask questions to know your detailed requirements and suggest the best solution.

  • Design

    We create wireframe prototypes before transforming them into world-class UI designs.

  • Development

    We turn the designs into an app using the most advanced technology stacks and frameworks.

  • Testing

    We do extensive testing to remove all the bugs and issues before making your app live.

  • Support And Maintenance

    We continue to offer widespread support and maintenance to guarantee smooth operations.

Frequently Asked Question

The term “cross platform app development” describes the procedure used to create an app that will function on several platforms and operating systems. The most frequent example of this is creating an app that can be bundled for both Apple and Android devices. For any cross-channel use, it can be created as an app.

We have dedicated teams for Flutter, React Native, Ionic among others. Once we have the complete requirements of your project, the solution architects will analyze and suggest the best solution for your app.

The cost of developing a cross-platform software depends on a number of variables, such as the project’s complexity, the kinds of integrations required, the number of platforms you want to support, and the sort of development team you’re working with.

Creating cross-platform apps is frequently quicker than creating native apps, and it is undoubtedly quicker than creating separate apps for each platform you want to use. The complexity of your application and the number of platforms you intend to release it on will both affect how quickly your project will be completed.

Both iOS and Android feature built-in security, as do the majority of app platforms. For instance, because Android apps are stored on separate virtual computers, the code and features of any given app in the app store will never interact. That improves each person’s security.

At OnGraph, we always strive to improve security, making sure that your app’s data is safe from the moment your idea is conceived until it is implemented and after. This involves incorporating security into the frameworks we use for developing apps by leveraging DevSecOps practices.

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