What is Ruby on Rails Development?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source full-stack web development framework written in Ruby under the MIT license. Rails is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework that provides scalable and efficient web apps. 

Rendering HTML templates, maintaining live pages through WebSockets, updating databases, enqueuing jobs for asynchronous work, storing uploads in the cloud, and offering strong security protection against frequent attacks and sending and receiving emails. Rails can accomplish everything and more.

At OnGraph, our Web App Developers are skilled and dedicated to Rails and can build user-friendly web applications utilizing RoR. Having outstanding experience in Ruby on Rails Software Development Services, we deliver innovation and creativity to you.

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Importance of Ruby on Rails for web development?

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Model-view-controller Architecture

Ruby on Rails follows the MVC architecture, and it contains three components, i.e., model, view, and controller.

Built-in Testing
Built-in Testing

Ruby on Rails has a built-in testing feature that will run on your code. It will save the time and effort of the development team

Programming Language
Programming Language

Since the syntax of RoR is straightforward, it is pretty similar to the English language. Therefore, it is easier to structure your thoughts and write them into code.


RoR consists of a scaffolding feature in which the programmer is enabled to explain how the application database functions. This process builds interfaces automatically.

Programming Language

Ruby on Rails ensures the highest performance and ROI. Getting the right team to build your web application can yield unparalleled results compared to other frameworks.

Complete solution
Complete solution

Ruby and Rails together help you build robust and scalable solutions, making the framework popular among developers and enterprise applications.

User satisfaction
User satisfaction

The usability and feel of web applications developed with ROR are excellent, and that is one of the USPs of this framework.

Active Community
Active Community

RoR has a vast developer community support who is available if you face any difficulty during development. They are always there to support and improve code.

User satisfaction
Rapid Development

Ruby on Rails skillfully being secured by an excellent MVC (Model, View, and Controller) structure, RoR comes with many gems that fast-track your projects & reduce your Go To Market time.


There are millions of web apps developed with RoR, and one of the reasons is; that it is cost-effective. Ruby Gems and other exceptional specialties support reducing the expense of developing the web application.

Perks of choosing OnGraph for Ruby on Rails development Services


Rapid Delivery

We ensure the rapid delivery of your project as our skilled and experienced ROR developers leave no stone unturned to complete your project within the given time.

proficient developers

Proficient Developers

Our Ruby on Rails development team is proficient. We ensure that quality, efficiency, and usability are always top.


Agile Methodologies

We use the Agile methodology to avoid the chance of spending a lot of time on a process that eventually fails because of some small mistake in the initial phase. The agile method helps us deliver what and when the client wants.

customer satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We ensure that we fulfill all the requirements mentioned by our clients and deliver solutions as committed.

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer different competitive pricing models to meet the diverse needs of our clients located around the globe. It is flexible, reasonable and negotiable.

Frequently Asked Question

Ruby on Rails can be used to build various types of web applications including eCommerce, social networking, and news portal among others. Ruby on Rails is a highly compatible and versatile framework.

Yes, Ruby on Rails is a cost-effective software development option for startups. It enables rapid product development, which is critical for startups. It is also the best option because of its feature-rich libraries, which allow you to easily add high-performance functionalities. And OnGraph is also a Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Company that has experienced & highly skilled developers.

The time of the process is based on certain factors but we promise that we always deliver on time. The overall time frame depends on the complexity and features of the project. The migration process usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks. One thing that we can assure is that our developers are highly efficient in migrating web apps.

OnGraph’s developers are committed to writing high-quality code. We have formal processes in place to ensure quality, such as periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We prioritize getting it right the first time and believe that the development process should be robust.




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