Apple Watch App Development to Lead The Race

Apple came up with the revolutionized idea that changed the scenario of carrying smartphones on the wrist since the Apple Watch launched. Since the idea dropped in the market, OnGraphTechnologies prepared a team of experts and skilled developers to offer you fully advanced, extraordinary, and creative Apple Watch Application Development services.

Since the inception of iWatch, Apple watch app developers at OnGraph Technologies have developed themselves and become experts by working on various different applications. Being one of the top emerging Apple Watch Development companies, we tend to flow in every street of platforms to reach the creative people who need Apple Watch Development and share our creative skills throughout the world.

At OnGraph technologies, we analyze various aspects of the watch kit and focus on providing the best Apple Watch App Development services around the globe to our every single client.

Benefits of Apple Watch Development for your Business

So, what makes the Apple Watch so unique to the 1.9 million users globally? Here are some advantages that only the Apple Watch can provide:

18 hours of battery

This certainly is enormous, given our experience with smartphones that drain out of batter within a few hours. 18 hours of battery life means that users would be able to comfortably commute and travel without worrying about the battery running out. This could serve applications like mapping and GPS for users looking up to the device as a means of traveling.


Siri is among the most outrageous and creative advantages that the Apple Watch provides. In simple terms, Siri makes the device a hands-free tool to communicate and commute. Using the microphone, users can dictate voice commands that can guide you to a destination, type text messages automatically, type emails, play music and facilitate other types of run time functionalities.


Another incredible mode of communication with the Apple Watch is through the touchpad. The ‘digital touch’ is an intimate and intuitive way of sending messages that take the form of glyphs. As Apple puts it, users don’t need to open their mouth. The digital touch provides a spontaneous and fun way to connect with other iWatch users – wrist to wrist!

3rd party customizations

The highly open SDK of the Apple Watch promotes customization to the extent that the face of the watch can be changed. While the Apple Watch comes shipped with many faces, users can even add modular items from third party developers.

Native Watch Apps

Finally, developers have the full scope to create completely native apps for the Apple Watch. Purpose apps like RunKeeper impart a different set of functionalities to the device and we have been seeing thousands of mini-games to aim for the Apple Watch.

Refined Interface

Apple Watch is recognized for its refined interface and hands-free technology that allows users to accept texts and calls, set reminders, measure body activity, get directions and act as a virtual wallet.

Why Hire Apple Watch Developers from OnGraph?

At OnGraph Technologies, we understand that Apple Watch apps must have to be clever and interactive. We are successful in building iWatch apps that complement your business.

OnGraph Has Expertise in Various Aspects of Apple Watch App Development

Fulfilling business needs and customer expectations with wearable solutions.

Custom iPhone App Development

Need an iOS app that caters to all your requirements? Our iOS app developers use a suitable programming language to build mobile apps with features tailored to your business needs.

Native iPhone App Development

Have a unique mobile-app idea? Want to make it live and publish it on the App-Store? You must go for native iPhone app development. From ideation, development to deployment, we develop native iPhone apps, with advanced integration of AR, VR, and Blockchain.

Hybrid iPhone App Development

Do you have bigger plans for your app? Why stop at one operating system? We also build hybrid applications that have cross-platform functionality. Our developers are well versed in programming apps that run on Android, iOS or Windows platforms.

Apple Watch Game Development

We build immersive and interactive Apple watch games through the expertise of our professional Apple Watch game development services.

SmartWatch Apps

Our team has in-depth industry knowledge and relevant expertise towards designing and developing smart watch apps including Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch UI/UX Designing

We build Apple watch apps that provide exceptional user experience through intuitive interface design and smooth navigation.

Apple Watch Multimedia Apps

Our team uses the native and hybrid Apple Watch APIs to create engaging user experiences and social media sharing apps such as, video, live playback, sharing with live streaming.

Hiring Models

Stay ahead in the whole new era of innovation by hiring expert Apple Watch programmers for your project. OnGraph ensures that you get access to best-in-class talent by offering different hiring models so as to bridge the skill gap or meet sudden increases in workload.

Dedicated Team

Does your project require special attention? Ask for a team of dedicated Apple watch developers. It is also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly rolling contract.

Controlled Agile

In case you have a limited budget and need some flexibility against any changes in future, rest assured as we provide Apple watch programmers for hire with a controlled agile engagement.

Time & Material

When your project is not defined properly and requires some work, then you can conveniently opt for an hourly engagement model. It is also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ hour-wise rolling contract.


Industries We Cater

As a top-notch Apple Watch app development company, we efficiently serve the distinct business requirements in different industries that range from small to large scale enterprises. Kick-start your Apple Watch app development journey with us.

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Apple Watch developers for the entire project lifecycle to develop top web solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

At OnGraph, every project starts with an NDA. Your project is our responsibility and we make sure your intellectual property is always safe and secure. Infact, we believe that signing an NDA is a crucial part of the mobile app development process.

We are a leading iOS app development company and we handover the source code and ownership of the application to you once it is successfully deployed on the App Store. When signing any contract, we openly discuss with our clients about the source code ownership and project handover.

Yes, besides providing a multitude of iPhone app development services, we have flexible engagement models. In order to meet your exact business needs, we provide you a choice of five hiring models, which defines the collaboration between you and our team.

All of these models, no matter how different, offer the same output- transparency and quality deliverables.

We have several SMEs in our Development and Business Analysis team. So, we began with looking into your app idea – the industry vertical it belongs to and the technology that stack it needs.

On the basis of the unique demands of your iOS application development project, we allocate the best resources – a cross-functional team that has expertise in your chosen industry.

Yes, we ensure utmost transparency in all phases and stages of product development and work closely with our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Yes. Infact, we take the complete responsibility of publishing an app on the App Store ourselves. It is a part of our end-to-end iOS app development solution offering.

You should hire dedicated developers to perform the work with the highest optimization. It offers ample benefits like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, higher output, special skill sets, easy to handle, quicker response to emergency situations, etc.

iWatch applications are used on wearable devices created by Apple. They are made to pair and work with iPhones and help users interact with their smartphones better. Now while there are already a lot of different iWatch apps available in the market, it is good to invest in one that can help the branding of your company. You can get a healthcare app, entertainment app, communication app or anything else. If the quality of the app is up to the mark, you will definitely profit.

At OnGraph, we believe in providing our clients with the most efficient as well as holistic services. This is why we make sure that we are able to provide end-to-end services in every field that we work for. The same is true for iWatch apps development. We provide holistic services in the field. This includes custom app development, e-commerce app development, healthcare and fitness app development, iWatch app design services and much more.

While there are a lot of companies that provide iWatch app development services in India, we stand out as one of the leaders due to various reasons. Firstly, the quality and uniqueness of our products are unmatched. Our creative team develops applications like no other. Secondly, we are extremely punctual about our work and make sure that the client never suffers because of us. Finally, our rates are highly cost-effective and competitive making us one of the most loved brands in the industry.

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