by : Aashiya Mittal
September 20th 2023
The Power of E-commerce Personalization: Benefits, Best Practices, and Examples

Today, next-gen e-commerce personalization is the topmost priority of every customer while they shop. A practical personalization approach can help you achieve that. Welcome to the new era of e-commerce, where personalized experiences are the key to unlocking customer satisfaction. For years, businesses have pursued a seamless, cross-channel experience that adapts to real-time individual needs.  …

by : Vandana Arora
June 1st 2022
Shopify vs WordPress vs Magento: Which one to choose in 2022?

Website powered by Shopify, WordPress, and Magento covers almost 71% of the total market share. Shopify as of now has over 500,000 customers, WordPress has millions of active websites, and Magento has had over 250,000 websites for quite some time. We are describing each important factor here about Shopify vs WordPress vs Magento. So Many …

by : Vandana Arora
March 31st 2022
Top 5 eCommerce platforms for small to mid-sized businesses in 2024

Before jumping to the Top 5 eCommerce Platforms for small to mid-sized businesses, it is essential to understand the need and importance of an eCommerce website for a business.  While many sectors suffered during COVID-19, eCommerce was one such sector that has seen the highest growth and is set to continue well. Online sales have …

by : Pavi Sachan
December 3rd 2021
The Future of eCommerce in 2022- [8 Never before trends]

With multi-lingual, multi-currency support given by businesses, global eCommerce trends have been shifting from local sales to borderless commerce. The worldwide expansion of eCommerce, which is anticipated to reach 21.8% by 2024, offers enormous possibilities for eCommerce store owners to explore cross-border trade and business, as well as international online retail. The eCommerce industry is …

by : ongraph
June 30th 2020
How To Build a Smart Online Learning Management System?

The popularity of e-learning platforms has been increasing in recent years. The conventional method of learning is no longer effective in this technologically advanced era. It’s high time to embrace cutting-edge technologies and build an advanced training program. It might be for training centers, educational institutions, government or non-government organizations, etc. Almost every other industry-specific …

by : Pramod Kumar
May 28th 2015
How to Install Yii 2.0 Framework in Windows

We can install Yii PHP framework in two ways – using Composer or by downloading an archive file. The downloading with composer method is preferred as it allows you to install new extensions or update your Yii by running a single command.

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