Unlock Your Business Horizons with Bespoke PHP Development Services

PHP web development stands out for its adaptability, affordability, and user-friendliness. As an open-source powerhouse, PHP boasts an abundant array of libraries and frameworks, streamlining the development process.

With its adaptability across diverse platforms and a vibrant, ever-growing community, PHP has cemented its position as the prime choice for creating vibrant, feature-packed websites and web applications.

OnGraph, a revered PHP development company, houses a team of adept PHP experts. We craft custom web solutions, seamlessly merging industry-leading practices with time-tested deployment strategies for stellar outcomes.

Our mission is to help businesses harness PHP development, ensuring superior web functionalities and captivating user experiences, with a keen focus on frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter. Our proficient PHP developers shine in sculpting complex web apps and formidable websites, reinforcing our reputation as a paramount PHP web development agency.

PHP development solutions

Revolutionizing Website Development with PHP Application Services


PHP web development stands as a freely accessible open-source programming language, presenting a cost-effective avenue for businesses aiming to trim down development overheads.

Cross platform compatibility
Cross-platform compatibility

With its cross-platform prowess, PHP development effortlessly integrates across various OS environments, be it Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Developer community
Vibrant Developer community

The expansive PHP app developer community is ever-evolving, consistently rolling out innovative frameworks, libraries, and tools that streamline the development journey.

Easy to understand
Easy to understand

PHP boasts an intuitive syntax that’s easy to grasp, positioning it as an optimal pick for novices in web development.

AI consulting services - Scalability
Scalability at its Best

For web initiatives that demand high scalability, PHP emerges as the top contender, adeptly managing substantial web traffic and primed for large-scale web applications.

Libraries and frameworks
Robust Libraries and Frameworks

From the speedy Laravel and versatile CodeIgniter to the robust Symfony, PHP’s rich array of frameworks and libraries accelerate the development process, ensuring efficiency throughout.

The PHP Frameworks We Excel At

Dive into a realm of stellar web experiences with our proficient PHP web application development services. At OnGraph, a leading custom PHP web development company, we blend innovation with mastery across a suite of PHP frameworks.

Our Technology Stack

Front-End PHP, Angular Bootstrap, WPF, React, JQuery
Back-End .NET, Java, PHP, C#, VB.NET
Architecture MVP, MVC, MVVM, Microservices
Deployment AWS, Docker, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
Database Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB
Testing Katalon, Selenium Grid, Postman, Test Rail, Apache JMeter
ORMs TypeORM, Sequelize, GraphQL
Caching Memcached, Redis
Project Management Tools Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira

Boost Your Digital Footprint by Outsourcing PHP Web Development to OnGraph

At OnGraph, your digital security and success are paramount. We commence our partnership with an iron-clad NDA, ensuring utmost confidentiality. Our agile and customer-centric PHP development approach is curated to resonate with your enterprise visions.

API Development and Integrations
PHP API Development and Integration

Leverage the prowess of our seasoned PHP developers who excel in crafting custom APIs. We seamlessly integrate them with third-party applications, driving efficiency and synergizing your business operations.

Custom PHP Web Development Services
Custom PHP Web Development Services

Distinguish your digital identity. OnGraph’s custom PHP web development services carve out a unique space for you in the digital realm, setting you leagues apart from the competition.

Full-Stack PHP Development Services
Full-Stack PHP Development Services

Immerse in holistic web solutions with OnGraph. Our full-stack PHP services span from intuitive front-end crafting to robust server-side back-end programming, encapsulating a 360° web solution.

PHP Framework Development Services
PHP Framework Development Services

Our proficiency in renowned PHP frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter ensures rapid, quality-assured, and scalable web applications, echoing OnGraph’s commitment to excellence.

PHP Back-End and Web Services
PHP Back-End and Web Services

Root your digital projects on a formidable foundation with our PHP back-end services. Our adept web services forge seamless API interactions, making your applications more interoperable.

PHP Website Support and Maintenance Services
PHP Website Support and Maintenance Services

Stay ahead, always. OnGraph’s meticulous support and maintenance services guarantee that your PHP website remains updated and performs optimally, letting you channel focus on core business aspirations.

PHP Web App Upgradation and Migration Services
PHP Web App Upgradation and Migration Services

Future-proof your digital assets. OnGraph aids in migrating your PHP applications to the latest versions, ensuring they stay resilient, secure, and in sync with contemporary web tech paradigms.

Experience Innovative Applications with Our PHP Development Services

Our track record gleams with high-performing PHP-driven projects, tailoring solutions for startups to seasoned enterprises.

E-commerce website
E-commerce website development services

At OnGraph, we architect e-commerce platforms prioritizing seamless user experience, lightning speed, and unwavering security. Embark on a global voyage, amplifying your brand’s reach and revenue with our intuitive online sales solutions.

CMS development services
CMS development services

Empower your brand voice. Our CMS solutions are designed to ensure effortless content updating and management, sans the intricacies of code or design tools.

Social networking web app development
Social networking web app development services

Forge connections, stimulate dialogues, and magnify engagements. OnGraph crafts social media ecosystems that echo the pulse of the digital age.

Bespoke enterprise web application development services
Bespoke enterprise web application development services

Strengthen your business foothold with our bespoke web applications. Scalable, robust, and efficient; they encapsulate the essence of modern enterprises.

PHP Mobile application development services
PHP Mobile application development services

Bridge the digital divide. Whether Android or iOS, OnGraph’s mobile solutions ensure you remain a touch away from your clientele.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) development

Experience web fluidity like never before. Our commitment to AMP ensures lightning-fast load times, elevating user experience and bolstering search engine visibility.

PWA Development Services
PWA Development Services

Merge the best of both realms. OnGraph’s Progressive Web Application development services offer an immersive, consistent, and captivating user journey, irrespective of the device landscape.

Hire PHP Developers From the Best Talent Pool at OnGraph

At OnGraph, we celebrate the unparalleled prowess of our PHP maestros and the signature PHP solutions they curate. Our mission? To craft superior digital alchemy aligned with your aspirations and transcending your expectations.


Agile Development Prowess

Timely delivery, financial prudence, and the flexibility to adapt – hallmarks of our agile-centric approach. OnGraph’s PHP savants steer your project, ensuring precision and dynamism every step of the way.

Skilled developers

Seasoned PHP Artisans

Place your dream in trusted hands. With their repository of experience, our PHP developers excel in sculpting intricate, efficient web applications.

Flexible Engagement Models

Adaptive Engagement Blueprint

Your voice, your choice. OnGraph offers malleable engagement models, granting you the autonomy to determine your involvement’s depth and breadth.

24x7 Support

Unwavering 24x7 Support

Digital landscapes don’t sleep, and neither does our commitment. We pledge round-the-clock assistance, ensuring your project’s unwavering pulse and swift troubleshooting.

Survey quality check

Benchmarked Quality

In our quest for perfection, compromise is an alien concept. With our quality assurance mavens at the helm, every project epitomizes excellence, free from imperfections.

Real time tracking

Legacy of Success

OnGraph’s narrative is one of triumph. From fledgling startups to industry titans, our PHP solutions have illuminated myriad success stories.

Competitive Cost

Competitive Pricing

Our PHP programming services are reasonably priced, so you get the maximum return on your investment.

A Global Footprint Across Industries

With a rich tapestry of 12+ years in PHP web development, OnGraph stands as a beacon in the USA and beyond, empowering diverse sectors with tailored PHP solutions.

E-commerce website
E-commerce and Retail

Frequently Asked Question

Laravel and Symfony are the top 2 PHP frameworks to choose from. Both of these frameworks are loaded with scalability and rich features, but there are a couple of factors that can help you decide which framework is best for you.

If you have a deadline to finish up the project in a shorter period of time and the  developers’ seniority is closer to junior than senior developers you probably should go with Laravel as it is comparatively easy to learn and code for developers.

If you are trying to create an application that will be a backbone for your organization for the long run, you should go with Symfony as it will be a good foundation for a maintainable software over the period of time.

Surely, count us for pre and post development assistance for any future enhancements or bug fixes. You just need to raise a support ticket with the concerned project manager and we will reach out to you with appropriate solutions.

Yes, you can pick the developers based on your needs and preferences. We give you the résumés of particular developers. Then you can choose a couple of them to work on your assignment based on the 1:1 conversation with them.

PHP is a powerful programming language having multiple feature rich frameworks. It is secure, scalable, robust and has a huge community of developers.

It can be used to create websites for corporates, web portals, travel booking sites, eCommerce websites and blogs among others.

We give our clients a choice between the two. If you want complete control over development processes but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hiring staff, go with a dedicated PHP resource model. If your requirements are unlikely to change and the project duration can be estimated, choose a fixed time/price model.




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Striving hard to stay updated with the cutting-edge innovations, we have been early adopters of Vue.js.


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Unleash the power of Laravel development services for building tailor-made and result-oriented solutions for your business.


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