Transform Market Research with Next-Gen Tools

Streamline market research in a managed, secure, and highly-customized manner. A single integrated MR platform with immense capabilities from managing projects internally, tracking respondents, creating/customizing/distributing surveys, and finding authentic respondents to cater to scaling MR needs.

Potential challenges of MR companies.

The market revolves around data and getting accurate insights into what they receive as responses from respondents globally. The crucial bottleneck is when the market research agencies and respondents do not find a suitable platform to streamline their work, conduct surveys, and manage projects efficiently. With a high demand for handling projects and conducting surveys on their own, MR companies are at risk if they cannot provide an extensive, all-in-one platform that customers are looking for. What are potential MR challenges?

Customized MR Development Suite what’s the need

To help drive critical business decisions seamlessly, MR companies need an extensive, flexible, robust, and secure platform to gather responses from respondents, allowing customers to create customized surveys, instant reporting for valuable insights, customize surveys, and streamline their workflow internally. MR Development Suite is an overall solution to plan and manage surveys worldwide proactively with feature-rich DIY tools, managing tasks and respondents, ensuring security, and survey creation. We have helped MR companies build platforms with several tools for seamless working and managing things in and out.

What should you look for in the MR platform?

Market research is not done in a day; it is all based on responses gathered and getting crucial insights. To run the market research process smoothly, an MR platform must have dedicated features and tools. Considering the challenges of the existing market research industry, you must look for the following features to get started.

An innovative project management tool.
Interface for survey management.
A place to create customized surveys.
Capability to eliminate fraud responses.
A self-server/DIY tool to come and manage the project.

How OnGraph helps MR companies with core challenges

Our MR Development Suite helps Market Research agencies integrate next-gen tools for smooth market research and drive accurate results. Unlock new MR opportunities with the development and integration of the following features. Need more information to decide? Let’s schedule a call with one of our solution architects today!
project management
Project Management

Manage widespread market research and internal projects from a single interface. Get everything in line, from creating bids to survey distribution and tracking invoices on different platforms.

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Survey Panels
Survey Panels

Next-gen tools for conducting meaningful surveys across industries and regions by integrating separate access for admins and respondents to have controlled access to the same interface.

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Survey Creation
Survey Creation Tools

A great survey creation platform to customize every aspect of a survey while targeting a specific and valid set of respondents to get accurate, precise/detailed insights into the market.

To help your customers create logical and innovative surveys, call our experts.

DIY tools

A self-serve project management tool helping companies create, manage, and field their own MR project at feasible prices without worrying about where to get unique and valid respondents.

Fraud Detections
Fraud Detections

Integrate the best fraud detection techniques to eliminate fraud profiles, duplicate respondents, and bots and find genuine respondents to conduct meaningful market surveys across industries globally.

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