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An incredibly streamlined platform, MEAN is the amalgamation of four robust frameworks: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node.js. We leverage the true potential of Mean Stack Development to build the smoothest apps for your business.

Our dedicated Mean Stack Application developers cater to all your business requirements to the core by adding great value to your existing applications. Hire Mean Stack Application developers to foster the success rate of your business to an unprecedented level and that too in no time. With flexible and cutting-edge technology, our team provides you with the much needed edge to your applications. Our adept solutions will make your business more trusted and productive amongst your targeted audience.

Accelerate The Growth of Your Business With Our Mean Stack Development


MongoDB and NodeJS in Mean Stack handle security-related issues when there’s a huge amount of traffic.


NodeJS enables you to make use of JavaScript on the frontend as well as backend which saves you from the need to learn a separate language.

Open Source

Mean is an open-source and free JS software stack for creating dynamic websites and applications.


The NoSQL nature of MongoDB enables you to change and alter the data quickly without the need to worry about migrations.


Npm, the package manager of NodeJS makes sharing of code easier. Moreover, the public repositories that target NodeJS are quickly growing.


Save your time, money, and efforts in running the database by managing MongoDB deployments with Cloud solutions.


Mean-based applications enable you to write code for Node. Later you can move it easily over AngularJS. This flexibility makes it significantly easier to program Mean-based apps

Single Page Applications

AngularJS is used in Mean Stack Development with the purpose to make Single Page Applications easier to develop, test, and maintain.

Better Performance

The event-driven architecture of NodeJS is quicker. It is usually flat-out faster and offers better performance.

What Helps Us Establish Ourselves as Your Technology Partner?

Development Support

We provide our clients with 360-degree Mean Stack Application Development services for businesses of any size and type. Our team of Mean Stack developers is adept at creating feature-rich websites as well as APIs for all industries.


Our technology consulting team guides you through Mean Stack development as per your business requirements. We help you to understand the complexity of your project and the wider use of the apps chosen with the framework.

Migration Assistance

We ensure that you stay competitive in your business arena and relevant to your customers by helping move your legacy apps to the Mean Stack framework.

Performance Support

Are you struggling with Mean Stack development and require a technology partner so as to audit your present Mean Stack deployments? Our Mean Stack developers can help.

Deployment Assistance

As a top Mean Stack Development Company based in India, we provide you with a dedicated team of Mean Stack developers for the final deployment of your product. This is also followed by replacements, periodic updates, and annexations as per your requirements.


We understand that your business needs can change or evolve over time. Thus we also offer you complete maintenance and support services for your current as well as future requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

The Mean Stack framework provides Javascript-based front-end as well as back-end capabilities and allows developers to smoothly switch from client side to server side and vice versa. This offers many benefits to your business such as high-speed performance delivery with greater flexibility.

You get a number of benefits when you hire a dedicated development team from OnGraph. Some of these include the following:

  • Access and complete control over the development process
  • Timely as well as high quality deliveries
  • Dedicated project manager administering the development of the project at no costs
  • Regular updates

Mean Stack is an open-source JS-based framework basically for a full-stack development platform. It is extensively used to design dynamic websites and apps. MEAN stack is an amalgamation of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Our team of MEAN developers has the required skills to develop flexibility as well as fast processing apps and websites.

Absolutely! OnGraph Technologies offers 24X7 post-project support to its valuable clients. The developers are well-experienced and can provide you guidance with the correct use of the website as well as any other issues you may encounter.

Definitely, you will! With the MEAN stack, there won’t be any need for you to work on various platforms anymore. This will not only deliver your projects early but will also significantly reduce your development costs.

At OnGraph, we have formal processes in place and work under strict quality guidelines to ensure quality control. Our philosophy of first-time right keeps us well-focused when it comes to quality!

Of course! At OnGraph, we provide our customers with the required support as well as upgrades for each and every development project that we undertake. Our assistance doesn’t cease post-delivery and launch of the app. For extended assistance, we also have paid upgrades and support plans that are reasonably priced.

Certainly! A dedicated team of developers with a supportive project manager is going to work full-time on your business needs, extending their necessary support as well as assistance.

You will be having complete control over the team that will be working on your development project. The entire team will be exclusively working for you and you will have total access to the processes.

Yes! You will be the sole as well as exclusive owner of the project that we undertake on your behalf. You will have sole intellectual property rights to the applications built from your ideas. We will also have all the necessary paperwork in place so as to secure your peace of mind.




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