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PHP is an open-source general-purpose server-side scripting language used to build dynamic websites, static websites or web applications. PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, can be embedded into HTML. The first version of PHP (earlier stood for Personal Home Pages), was unleashed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. 

PHP allows organizations to construct web applications that are fast, flexible, secure, and performance-driven, as well as a variety of other features that make websites more accessible. Companies can employ PHP web development services to create feature-rich apps of varying sizes and complexity, ranging from CMS-based websites to social networking websites, eCommerce websites, and online portals.

OnGraph’s PHP developers are highly skilled and dedicated and may work on your project on an ad hoc, part-time, or full-time basis. They can also work as a member of your product development team. Our PHP web development team is united in their vision of the project execution roadmap, which includes everything from web portals to websites to integrated web applications.

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Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers for your Business

Hire PHP developers for your ambitious project and step up in the era of innovation. With a track record of delivering excellent PHP web solutions and in-depth knowledge, we provide the best-in-class PHP developers for your project.

We implement agile development processes and industry best practices to provide on-time project delivery and diminish time to market.

Extremely Flexible

PHP is a highly flexible language whether it is during the course of the project or after the completion of the project. A scripting language’s flexibility is essential since functionality might change at any time while a project is ongoing. The nicest thing about PHP is that it allows for changes to be made even after the project has begun, which helps to save time. Since it is possible to modify the existing codes and functions, a developer is not required to create new codes or command functions.

Simple Integration and Compatibility

PHP is compatible With the vast majority of OS. It may easily be used with UNIX, Solaris, and Linux, among other platforms. Existing software doesn’t need to be developed from scratch because it can easily be integrated with other technologies, like Java. This reduces waste of money and costs.

Platform Independent

All major operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, etc., support PHP. Web applications created with PHP can easily operate on any platform. It doesn’t need to be redeveloped and can easily be integrated with databases and other programming languages. It helps to save a great deal of time and money.

Easy Loading

The PHP-based applications are simple to load and can be connected to a database. People majorly use it because it loads quickly compared to other programming languages, even over a slow internet connection.

Library Support

With the help of PHP’s robust library support, one can make use of the many function modules for data representation.

Programming Friendly

PHP offers web developers greater authority than other languages. In contrast to the majority of machine languages, PHP does not use lengthy or complex scripts. Its codes are simple to read and use. Additionally, PHP’s tag functionality enables developers to combine HTML tags with source code to create dynamic and appealing websites.

Our PHP Web Developers Expertise

Our team of expert PHP developers make use of cutting-edge technologies when it comes to delivering rich, scalable, secure, flexible, and quality PHP web applications and websites. Our coders are well-equipped to create applications much more enterprising and complex. Below are some of the areas where our PHP developers shine:

Custom PHP Web Application Development

Hire PHP developers with a proven track record of building highly reliable, high-performance, secure, and well-received PHP web apps.

PHP Upgradations & Migrations

When you hire PHP programmers from us, you get a subscription that allows you to upgrade and integrate your existing app with PHP, whether it’s written in.NET, NodeJS, Python, or another language.

Ongoing Maintenance & Management

Our PHP programmers work remotely to keep your web applications well-managed and maintained using best practices.

Full-stack PHP Development

Hiring full-stack PHP programmers who can handle both the front-end and back-end development of your web apps is a good idea.

Dedicated PHP Developers

Hire offshore PHP programmers with extensive expertise building solid online solutions for clients in a variety of sectors all over the world.

PHP eCommerce / CMS Development

Clients all over the world benefit from our remote staff of specialized PHP developers who provide expert CMS development and eCommerce solutions.

Hiring Models

Stay ahead in the whole new era of innovation by hiring expert PHP programmers for your project. OnGraph ensures that you get access to best-in-class talent by offering different hiring models so as to bridge the skill gap or meet sudden increases in workload.

Dedicated Team

Does your project require special attention? Ask for a team of dedicated PHP developers. It is also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly rolling contract.

Controlled Agile

In case you have a limited budget and need some flexibility against any changes in future, rest assured as we provide PHP programmers for hire with a controlled agile engagement.

Time & Material

When your project is not defined properly and requires some work, then you can conveniently opt for an hourly engagement model. It is also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ hour-wise rolling contract.


Industries Our PHP Developers Efficiently Cater

As a top-notch PHP app development company, we efficiently serve the distinct business requirements in different industries that range from small to large scale enterprises. Kick-start your PHP web app development journey with us.

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Frequently Asked Question

Want to work with one of the top Indian PHP development companies to hire devoted PHP developers? Then you need to select a software provider that:

  • Have at least five to ten years’ experience
  • Have created more than 100 applications
  • Have a team of more than 20 PHP app developers
  • Have clients in at least ten different countries
  • Have an open and unambiguous selecting procedure

OnGraph’s PHP engineers have an average of more than 5 years of experience working with PHP technology. They so far have produced a large number of reliable PHP-based web applications for clients all over the globe. 

Absolutely! We are fully committed to fulfilling our clients’ operational needs. We are willing to sign the NDA because we believe in providing outcomes and if it’s necessary to maintain confidentiality.

It is preferable to choose a mid-sized software company in India if you want to hire professional PHP developers but your budget is a constraint. You can even opt for an hourly payment model and hire developers only as needed to save even more money.

We are an Indian software company with more than 14 years of expertise providing excellence to our esteemed clients all around the world. With a variety of employment methods, we offer high-quality yet reasonably priced PHP programming services.

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