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AngularJS is a frontend development tool backed by Google that enables organizations to create safe, easy, lightweight, and scalable web and mobile apps. The main advantages to utilize AngularJS development services are its out-of-the-box capability and wide range of features. This aids organization in achieving a quick time to market.

We deliver secure and strong AngularJS solutions that are outstanding in terms of stability, scalability, and adaptability. OnGraph- the leading AngularJS development company in the USA is backed by 40+ experienced Angular developers. Our engineers apply best development standards to create sophisticated single-page, cross-platform applications with user-friendly features and responsive UI design. We are well-versed in the most recent features and add-ons that cater to all of your business needs.

Our AngularJS development company gives a bug-free, diligent performance and builds the best features of CRUD ‘Create, Read, Update, Delete’ application that is speed up the layout of the directory.

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Leverage The Potential of AngularJS Development

Mobile Applications
Diverse Platforms

The AngularJS code used to build apps may easily be repurposed for different apps and platforms.

code splitting
Code Splitting

Angular applications not only open rapidly but also split code automatically.

Native Mobile Applications
Native Mobile Applications

Angular may be used to create native applications when paired with Native Script. If combined with any JavaScript framework, it becomes very efficient and easy to build mobile applications for various platforms such as Android.and iOS.

Easy Code Generation
Easy Code Generation

Angular aids in the conversion of templates into optimal code, and it may be used to create mobile and web applications.

nominal coding
Nominal Coding

Angular is a high-performance framework that aids in the removal of redundant code.

Complete MVC Support
Complete MVC Support

Angular offers the ability to thread MVC elements effectively, reducing the amount of time and work required to construct an application.

Exceptional Solutions with the best AngularJs Development Company

Your One-Stop Solution To All Your AngularJs Development Needs

Defect-free deliveries

We strongly believe in defect-free, well-optimized, and timely solutions. We allocate dedicated and experienced developers along with project managers to ensure timely updates and deliveries. 

Experience with Various Versions of Angular

We majorly have projects with Angular versions 5, 6 and 7. However, our developers have the capability to work on any Angular version from 5 to 14.

Easy and Quick Development

Hire Angular developers with experience and expertise in delivering quick and simple native app development solutions to a wide range of clients.

Proficient Developers
Built Various Types of Applications

Our developers have built marketing research and subscription-based websites and have also deployed them to AWS.

Experience with Numerous Libraries

We use numerous libraries like MomentJS, Underscore, Lodash, Rxjs, Ngrx, Mail parser, Redis, md5, JSONwebtoken, Nodemailer, and Angular material.

customer satisfaction
Experience of Working on Legacy AngularJS

Our highly-skilled developers also have experience of working with AngularJS versions 1.6 – 1.8.

Frequently Asked Question

The amount of time needed to develop an app relies on a number of variables. Depending on the needs of your project, an Angular development process can typically last one to 4-6 weeks. However, we guarantee that the project is delivered as soon as feasible thanks to our flexible approach.

We take a number of different search engines into account while developing all Angular web applications. When designing and developing the app, our Angular developers strictly follow search engine guidelines.

Definitely! We create mobile applications that are easy for users to navigate and work with all mobile devices. We take advantage of a responsive design to make sure the app works on a variety of displays and platforms.

There are several ways we can connect. We are just a click away. You can call us at  1800 270 1893, or fill up the contact form or simply schedule a free consultation call with one of our solution architects.

We have several engagement models such as fixed cost, pay as you go, time and material. You can select what suits best as per your project requirements. Needless to say all the pricing models are flexible and you can switch anytime to other models as per the situations.




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