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With more than 60k stars on GitHub, Laravel has entered the list of top PHP frameworks. But, what is it that makes it so popular? Is it its ability to create powerful web-based applications?

The answer is yes! It will make your application beautiful with easy coding with its unending list of benefits. It has outranked other PHP frameworks by eliminating their pitfalls while maintaining peace of development for developers.

It will help you create beautiful apps and ensure high-end security with powerful commands, simple syntax, powerful tools, and extensions for extended functionalities. There is a bundle of hidden gems that you can unlock using Laravel development services to provide an outstanding user experience.

Let’s explore its unlimited potential with our experts and top-notch services at OnGraph. Being one of the top Laravel development company, we assure you optimum solutions, defect-free deliveries, and timely updates.

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What makes Laravel a top PHP framework?Let's see why!

Complete MVC Support
MVC Architecture

Ensures accurate representation as per the logic that resides within. Offers better documentation, enhanced performance, and several built-in features and functionalities that can help to create innovative apps with an excellent user interface.


Built-in command line tool for creating code templates and database architecture. It has made database management more accessible. Automate tasks to reduce manual efforts.

Eliminate Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel helps minimize the application’s surface and shield it against attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. With Laravel development services we make it easier to implement a rock-solid authentication system using a single command.

Automated and unit testing

Laravel web development ensures high-performing web applications without bugs and optimized code. It tests the efficiency and working of your web apps. With Laravel Dusk, developers can do efficient testing.

Third-party integrations

With various integration, you can increase the functionality of your apps. Due to Laravel’s clean API, it is easier to integrate third-party apps. Hire Laravel developers who can take care of your website, from adding a payment system to managing marketing tactics.

Faster time-to-market

Due to several pre-built functions and structures, you can deliver web apps faster than expected without hampering their quality. Ready to take home a responsive web app time-efficiently without putting a dent in your budget?

Effective ORM

Offers ActiveRecord implementation to deal with the database. Each table within your database has an associated model that interacts with ActiveRecord.

Why consider OnGraph for Laravel web app development

24X7 Consistent support

Get to communicate with our experts to resolve your queries.

Experience developer team

skilled Laravel developers with all the latest tools and technologies.

Great working environment

flexible environment to enhance the creativity of developers.

Use of the latest technologies and framework

Laravel version available 6, 7,8, and 9, as per your compatibility.

Agile approach

Work to be done using followed procedure to ensure speedy and timely delivery of apps.

Use of extended libraries

AWS S3 Bucket, Pubnub SMS, Exotel Api


covering E-commerce, multi-vendor, an Accounting application, and B2B and B2C applications.

Frequently Asked Question

Laravel app development offers authentication as its core functionality. It ensures high-end security and makes your web apps secure from all attacks. With its additional layer of hashing and encrypted passwords, authenticating users, and frequent resetting of passwords minimizes the attack surface of apps. For more details, you can refer to its web page- app/config/auth.php.

Laravel is a robust framework, making it suitable for creating small to complex applications catering to all market needs. It is the ideal solution for creating eCommerce web apps, AI and ML solutions, and CMS. With its queue system, you can quickly process complex web apps with the help of third-party integrations. It might be slow but provide outstanding performance.

MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server.

Laravel app development is simply a backend, but it offers a wide range of tools that lets the developers create full-stack web-based applications that combine the front-end and back-end features.

Laravel framework supports sending routing requests efficiently. Not only this, but it also supports reverse routing.

To hire a developer you can get in touch with us. There are several ways you can contact us. Fill out the contact us form or schedule a meeting at your convenience and we will be reaching out to you right away.

Once we have your requirements, our solution architect will recommend to you a suitable engagement model. Pay as you go, time and material, and dedicated resources are the top options. We have quite flexible pricing models and you can switch to any other model as and when required.

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