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Postgraduate medical school entrance exam preparation provider in Australia


Team Size 8 People
Timeline170 Days


Founded in 2010 by doctors at the University of Melbourne, GradReady has grown to be the largest postgraduate medical school entrance exam preparation provider in Australia – with nationwide operations.

GradReady, provides live courses focused on the core humanities and science concepts centered around GMAT exams. With 8+ years of trusted experience, GradReady has achieved unprecedented results for 8000+ happy students associated with them. OnGraph is proud of the long-term strategic relationship and helping students learn with GradReady. Back then, GradReady partnered with OnGraph to build their proprietary and innovative online system, which is underpinned by groundbreaking next-generation technology and data-driven approach. OnGraph’s team helped GradReady to bring out a world-class user experience backed by a science-based adaptive learning methodology.

Goals & Objectives




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Business Challanges

In order to take GradReady Platform to the next level and make it future-proof, there were a few challenges the team had to address. GradReady was looking for a partner, which can help them bring the much-needed scalability, robustness, and performance to the platform, which targets students preparing for GAMSAT and UMAT.

Technical Challenges

Effective Learning Management System (LMS) development involves assigning essential roles, addressing performance issues due to server issues, ensuring user-friendly design, enabling scalability to support large numbers of concurrent users, integrating third-party services seamlessly, maintaining data integrity and security To keep the data safe and secure from random access and spam requests, and optimizing content delivery mechanisms.

Content Creation & Management in Rails

In Learning Management System (LMS) development, challenges in content creation and management include the need for robust quality control mechanisms, achieved through tools like ActiveAdmin or RailsAdmin. Maintaining consistency in data storage and retrieval demands the establishment of clear Rails models and a robust database schema. Intellectual property protection introduces challenges related to secure access controls, file encryption, and potential watermarking using tools like RMagick. Updating content and course materials within the Rails' MVC structure presents its own set of challenges.

User Experience (UX) & Interface (UI) in a Rails Environment

On the User Experience (UX) and Interface (UI) side, challenges involve ensuring intuitiveness in views through semantic templates and modules for a user-friendly interface. Personalization in Rails requires the creation of tailored functions, such as course recommendations, to enhance the overall user experience. Establishing effective feedback loops poses challenges in implementing mechanisms that facilitate easy user feedback submission, potentially using support-friendly tools like emails.

User-Centric Apps

Each app is unique and so are the user interfaces we design. Our designs are known to enhance user experience to the highest levels...

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The Solution

OnGraph’s team well understood not only explicit and implicit challenges but also the critical success factors that would
establish the success of the envisaged learning platform. With a view to helping GradReady achieved its vision of an advanced learning platform, OnGraph employed next-gen technological stack and modern architecture.

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Modern Architecture:

We revived the overall architecture keeping in view the GradReady’s current requirements and future needs. We leveraged Ruby on Rails technology for development, coupled with HAML for front-end and Postgress for backend database, together reaffirming a modernized architecture.

Admin Dashboard:

This centralized control panel allows administrators to manage and oversee various aspects of the platform.

Student Portal:

This interactive interface allows students to access resources, track their progress, and communicate with tutors.

 External Pages:

These pages are accessible to the general public and may serve informational, marketing, or user acquisition purposes to inform students about the courses and benefits of preparing using GradReady over other exam preparation platforms.