Powerful, Multifunctional Panels for Comprehensive Market Research

xtensive, customized, and versatile panels empower Market Research (MR) Companies to conduct meaningful surveys across industries and regions. All managed from a single panel.

To help Market Research companies and customers to view surveys and get valuable insights, we can develop outstanding survey panel tools.

Perfectly customized Panels, Controlled Access

To conduct meaningful surveys, respondents and admin need a high-level and detailed view of the panel tool from where they can access their activities. To help MR companies, we develop customized panels with separate interfaces for respondents and panel admins.

Based on the level of control, the panel can have a segregated interface for admins and respondents. As admins must have more controlled privileges, they can access more functionalities, such as checking the details of respondents, running reports, downloading reports, viewing rewards, managing respondents, seeing their progress, and others. Respondents with limited access can register to the such panel to get restricted details, such as available surveys, offerwalls, games, or any other opportunity to earn rewards.

Survey Panel view for Admins

The admin panel can include more dedicated controls, from managing several panels to tracking respondents’ activities to improve your survey experience.

Unlock the below-listed functionalities.

Multi Regional Panels
Multi-Regional Panels

Companies want scattered and worldwide contributions to their surveys. To make this happen, we are capable of integrating multi-regional panels.

Admins can manage panels of multiple countries and access statistics from a specified geography. For example, selecting the India panel will display all respective details, such as the number of respondents, completed surveys, rewards, and others.

View any panel for any region from the same dashboard and select your dedicated respondent. We have expertise in integrating panels from different countries and integrating them as per your requirement.

Managing respondents
Managing respondents.

It seems to be a challenging task, as getting hold of every single detail about respondents is tricky. To help companies, we can develop tools to manage respondents and their activities.

Admins can see the entire list of respondents who have registered in the past or recently. Check members’ details, such as which survey they have attended/completed, approve/decline their redemption request, and manage their accounts.

Approve the respondent’s redemption request to generate their reward automatically in the respondent’s account. We are experts in integrating different payment platforms to send automatic rewards using Tango, Paypal, Stripe, etc.

Managing panel
Managing panel settings

Each panel needs to be managed and maintained. The admin must know their panel well and be free to manage its settings. For this, we are capable of developing panel management tools, allowing admins to control different panel settings, such as privacy policy, cookie settings, reward details, contact, and others.

Managing panel communication
Managing panel communication.

Sending important information and catering to each respondent from each panel might seem tedious. Eliminate this manual task with our integrated panel communication feature, allowing the admin to customize the different email templates like Registration, Forget Password, Unsubscribe, Survey Invite, etc., to communicate information to panelists.

Email tool
Email tool.

To instantly communicate with panelists regarding promotional events, campaigns, interesting surveys, and others, companies should bag an innovative email tool. It will help you send information directly to a specific panel, driving efficient mass communication.

Easy reporting
Easy reporting

To get better insights into your surveys and market decision, the company needs reports to understand complex numbers easily. We can build an easy reporting tool for generating/downloading reports based on panels, rewards tracking, and transactions. You can set custom filters to include different features in your reporting.

Recruitment management
Recruitment management

To help you get traffic from affiliate marketers, we can build a recruitment management tool. Traffic from an affiliate partner and the user completing a survey will get a revenue share or a fixed price. To identify the traffic from a particular affiliate, a unique ID is provided to each affiliate.

Chat Center
Chat Center

For one-to-one communication between the panelist and respondent, you can connect to specific respondents from this chat module. It lets the admin get useful information from respondents to improve the market research decisions.

Driving business intelligence with the right survey solution.

Getting in-depth information from every market segment and respondents across the globe. Our panels have been helping companies conduct effective surveys in different countries and market segments.

Improved survey
Improved survey experience

We are experts in creating a positive panelist experience and building solid relationships to drive honest, targeted, thoughtful, and engaged survey responses.

Geographic-based survey information

We leverage a dynamic profiling system that gathers meaningful data points based on geography.

Seamless respondent tracking.

We analyze respondent behavior longitudinally using advanced algorithmic solutions designed to evaluate their profile on an ongoing basis, which ensures accuracy and authenticity is maintained.

Our Certifications

Our certifications and recognitions proves our determination and credibility.

In our tenure of 14 years, we have marked a powerful presence in the market by delivering excellency. We are happy to bag these recognitions, motivating us to deliver the same service throughout.

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