Powerful, Customized Survey Creation Tools for Businesses.

Businesses around the world spend a good amount of time and money in market research on their products and services. To make this process easy, secure and successful a powerful survey creation tool should be developed which is flexible and sustainable.

We can help you build a fully customizable, user-friendly survey creation tool that covers every aspect of a survey, get specific respondents and deliver accurate, precise/detailed insights into the market.

Interactive and innovative surveys- driving accurate and quick results.

A well designed survey creation tool can help you save time to create surveys, protect from fraudulent respondents, get you accurate results and customized reports.

We have expertise in developing customized, flexible survey creation tools that help create surveys for targeted market research.

We help develop and integrate features allowing businesses to conduct quick surveys to get insights into target markets. Build custom questions/answers, improve respondents’ experience with customized or pre-built themes, preview, and test surveys on different devices, choose your respondent panel, and launch your survey, everything integrated into a single application. You can generate, share, and download reports after successful survey completion with instant reporting capability.

Feature-rich survey creation tool for your next-level survey needs.

We have helped our clients with easy-to-integrate survey creation platforms with powerful, flexible features.

What makes a survey creation tool an innovative way to conduct seamless surveys?

Explore unending functionalities with us.

Survey management
Survey management

Every business wants to control its survey creation from scratch. To create more targeted surveys, they must be able to add required questions and decide on question types (multi-punch, Single punch, drop-down, grid, NPS, rank, etc.).

Side-by-side survey testing on different devices with each change to experience how respondents will see the survey. Managing the views of the survey before launching is a must.

We are experts in developing such tools to let you manage your surveys entirely. With the immense freedom to change the logic and make it even more complex based on your requirements.

Survey quality check
Survey quality check.

Finding valid respondents is crucial. Thus, placing different quality checks on your surveys is vital. We have expertise in integrating below fraud-detection techniques to drive the right audience to your survey.

  • Digital Fingerprinting- eliminates duplicates of IP responses from entering your survey.
  • Straight Lining- check on disengaged respondents, choosing grid answers at random.
  • Speeder Controls- set the termination point on the interview length.
  • Open-end answer validation- validate respondents’ answers in Open end questions to identify if it is a duplicate answer.
Quick reporting
Quick reporting

Getting insights and making decisions based on that is crucial. Thus companies and research agencies require easy reporting tools to understand the numbers and make future decisions. To help markets with that, we are capable of developing reporting tools for easy management of your Survey stats.

It lets you create customized reports based on all the conducted and completed surveys based on the responses. Set parameters for the report and choose different components from responses to create a customized report. We can help you get, share, and download reports in different formats, such as CSV, Word, PPT, and SPSS.

Managing complex quotastargeting
Managing complex quotas/targeting

To get unique and detailed information, sometimes the company wants a targeted set of respondents to complete the survey. To help companies with such targeting, we can develop tools to manage complex quotas for the survey. It will help you pre-validate the respondents before getting to your end to do the survey. You can set quotas for the entire survey, single questions, or multiple questions to filter out unwanted responses and save you costs on them.

Logical Surveys
Logical Surveys.

Not all time, companies require respondents to respond to all questions. They want to place some logic and based on that the respondent should be able to respond to a specific set of questions. Easy to maintain a flow within your surveys and to propagate from one question to another to get targeted details.

To help companies with that, we can build tools for integrating such logics to your survey. Also, you can put placeholders to help you fill real-time values to your survey based on the respondent’s prior response.

Respondents management
Respondents management

Having respondents from across the globe, it becomes challenging to get hold of them and their details. To help companies to manage their respondents, we can include a management tool to have a high-level view of all the respondents available in a panel of a specific region. It lets you add filters to responses, panels, and the status of the survey (completed, terminated, rejected, etc.). It helps you understand the activities of respondents.

Multi lingual surveys
Multi-lingual surveys.

Having respondents from different countries, it is important to provide them with a better experience by creating surveys in their local language to get more attention. With our expertise, we can integrate tools to create and run surveys in different languages to get more respondents without any language restrictions.

Themed surveys.

To improve the respondent experience, companies try to be innovative and include different themes. We can create tools that let you use the pre-built themes or customize the theme for the survey. You can also see a preview of the survey with a new theme and control it. You can even test how the theme will work and look on different devices.

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