Proven Fraud Detection Solutions for Accurate Market Research

Eliminate fraud profiles, duplicate respondents, and bots, and find genuine respondents to conduct meaningful market surveys across industries globally. Helping businesses in saving tens of thousands of dollars on invalid completes.

State-of-the-art Fraud detection solutions can help companies to target genuine respondents and get accurate results to complement their research.

Fraud Detection Techniques - What’s the need?

Businesses invest in market searches and surveys to get relevant, accurate insights on their product or services so that they can make better decisions and craft their marketing strategies accordingly. Also, it helps them improve their product or service qualities based on the feedback from the actual audience.

To make this happen, the survey panels need an effective mechanism to filter out duplicate respondents and bots and help save money on duplicate entries. Respondents try to manipulate the system and find different ways to get the survey done repeatedly, drastically impacting your research quality. A robust and proven fraud detection solution will eliminate such challenges and create a unique survey crowd.

Build Powerful, Customized Fraud Detection Solutions

Over the last few years, we have built powerful, robust, and effective Fraud Detection techniques for many of our business partners across the globe. We have expertise in integrating the topmost fraud detection tools, such as Research Defender, Cloud Research, Imperium, and others, and have developed customized solutions per client requirements. The tool we integrate and develop ensures that the registering respondent will only be able to enter into the survey once they pass all the checks, and they can only fill out the survey as per the provided thresholds. Let us help you build a robust fraud detection tool for you!

Integrating different fraud detection techniques.

To help market research companies get genuine respondents, we can build fraud detection tools to mitigate the fraud completes and provide results businesses invest money for.

We have expertise in developing and integrating fraud detection techniques. Let’s explore what we are covering.


integration/development of fraud detection techniques for desktop and mobile devices to prevent duplicacy. Identifies the user’s browser based on different browser/system settings and behavior, eliminating respondents from completing surveys using another account.


We have expertise in building tools that detect the GEO IP and find digital identities beyond IP addresses. Such a tool highlights the geolocation of data sources of dynamic respondents to capture valid information. Thus, eliminating fake respondents.

Open-end answer validation

With this validation in place, we can include several filters for analyzing the quality of open-end responses. You can quickly eliminate profanity, cut-and-paste responses, and offensive terms.

We are experts in including options for text classification to get more precise results. We can make it available in any language you want. You will get real-time scores for effective and efficient decision-making.

Respondent address verification

If you want to include the personal information of any respondent, you need to protect it and make sure that correct information is provided by the respondent.
Sometimes, to earn more rewards, respondents provide wrong addresses. To eliminate that factor, we integrate the address verification validation via USPS before they enter into the survey.

Respondent Mobile verification

We have expertise in integrating mobile verification services from third parties, such as Twilio. You can ask for the respondent’s mobile number and send them an OTP. Once they confirm the OTP, their contact number will be verified.

Custom controls

Lets you tweak controls (threat potential score, activity surveys) available for fingerprinting services like RelevantId, CleanID, Research Defender, Sentry, or others.You can get some scores for respondents to control whether the respondent is eligible for the survey or not.

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