Innovative, self-serve DIY tools for Market Research

For cost-effective, comprehensive, and accurate market research, businesses need a platform that enables them to conduct targeted, cost-optimized surveys.

Customized, self-served Do It Yourself or DIY solutions can help cover every aspect of market research, from project management to survey design, sample procurement, fraud mitigation, and easy-to-understand reporting. A single interface for streamlining market research in a very controlled way.

DIY Tools- way to achieve competitive advantage for scaling businesses. advantage for scaling businesses.

It can be a tedious job for businesses to do meaningful market research if not provided with an easy-to-use platform. Managing several panels, tools, and dashboards can be overwhelming.

A fully customizable, user-friendly Do It Yourself or DIY tool comes into play here.
Instead of using third-party services or agencies to do market research for them, A DIY tool can efficiently help set up the project, design surveys, procure samples, protect from fraudulent respondents and generate reports. All from a single interface. On top of it, the platform can be powered with a feasibility tool that helps businesses know the cost and effectiveness of the survey.

DIY market research tools provide more freedom to companies to own their market research without worrying about where to get unique and valid respondents at feasible prices.

Multifunctional DIY Tool: One interface and many features.

Effective market research requires a couple of powerful tools, such as project management, survey creation, panel websites, and fraud detection, combined together in a single platform.

We have expertise in developing powerful tools and can make them DIY for businesses. The tool will have complete flexibility to customize the target audience, build samples, and do a feasibility analysis. It helps marketers with the capabilities of a wide range of integrated next-generation tools to perform their own market research.

Check out the list of features the DIY tool can comprise of

Simple sign-up

With a simple sign-up process, a customer can access all the features of the DIY tool. We can add various plans and platforms to choose from to login into a unique dashboard. Based on a specific budget and business requirements, customers can choose from multiple packages and get started with a personalized market research campaign.

Feasibility tool.

A feasibility tool can help analyze a particular audience group’s cost, effectiveness, and reach. Get proper estimates and allocate a budget for a survey before it is executed.

We can develop and integrate feasibility analysis in the DIY tools where customers can enter sample details and check when they can avail themselves of the proposed respondents and what the cost would be per completion. After that, they can start creating a project, saving time and effort.

It lets the customers start creating a project from the feasibility tool, and all target and project management details will populate automatically.

Bid management
Bid management

Once customers are good to go with the available feasibility. We can develop bid management features to help customers to manage their bids internally.

They can create a bid/quote based on their requirements and get everything in place. They need to fill in the required details about the bid, such as salesperson, type of bid, audience type, for which region to do the sampling, cost per sample, multiple sampling for a single survey, and others.

They can also manage the status of the bids and assign them to the internal development team, who will work on the bid.

Project management
Project Management

After checking feasibility, customers can start working on the created survey and self-fielding the project. They only have to set the survey and manage their pricing tag without worrying about which supply channels are available and from where they will get the respondents to complete your survey. If they want, they can add their choice of suppliers.

All these capabilities can be available under project management.

Targeting/sampling management

It lets customers target the type of respondents they want to participate in the survey. They can choose their age, gender, ethnicity, etc., before sending to the client survey; the respondents will be asked these questions if they qualify; they can enter the survey.

Supplier integration
Supplier integration

Integrate different supplier panels externally that customers can use for their surveys to get valid respondents. For example, if they have an existing panel created, they can also integrate that.

Fraud detections

There are several frauds, such as duplicate respondents and fake responses, that must be controlled while running a market research campaign.

We have the expertise to mitigate such major frauds by integrating powerful, robust, and effective Fraud Detection techniques for self-managed projects. We have integrated the topmost fraud detection tools, such as Research Defender, Cloud Research, Imperium, and others, in the past for many of our clients and also have developed customized solutions as per client requirements.

Some common techniques we use are fingerprinting, GEO IP, mobile verification, open-end answer validation, address verification, and more custom controls to provide valid respondents to enter your survey.

Let us help you build a platform that enables businesses to create surveys, target specific respondents, and analyze data from a single, self-serve DIY tool.

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