An Extensive Project Management tool for handling your Market Research workflow

A seamless and easy-to-use project management tool for market research companies to manage their widespread market research and internal projects from a single interface.

Get everything lined up, from managing bids and projects to creating quick invoices.

Multifunctional project management tool for scaling MR companies

Managing everything from creating bids to survey distribution and invoicing on different platforms simultaneously gets challenging for the project managers.

Eliminating this manual work of managing and updating the latest on all platforms, our project management tools help managers to handle everything from a single interface.

We have expertise in developing multifunctional project management tools for market research companies. We can integrate everything, including getting bids, creating customer profiles, generating invoices, setting survey questions, and managing the whole project internally.

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Unlimited, customizable features to unlock market research opportunities.

Get your sales, invoicing, internal teams, progress status, and everything in line. We can develop an efficient, single-interface project management tool to help you streamline your daily tasks.

We provide customizable features. On top of it, we can develop additional features as per your request. Let’s uncover the extensive functionalities.

Bid management
Bid management

The sales team can create the bid/quote based on the customer’s requirements and get everything in place. They can feed all necessary details about the bid, such as sales person, type of bid, audience type, for which region to do the sampling, cost per sample, multiple sampling for a single survey, and others.

The team can also manage the status of the bids and assign them to the internal development team, who will work on the bid.

Fielding Management
Fielding Management

It lets the specific team start working on the winning bid. Manage the integration of supply channels for the survey. Play, or pause surveys for all channels simultaneously with one click. Enable security options to filter fake respondents (fingerprinting, GEO IP, ReCaptcha V3, Unique IP, and others), and select your type of traffic.

Targeting/sampling management

It lets you target the type of respondents you want to participate in the survey. For example, you can choose their age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Before sending into the actual client survey, the respondents will be asked these questions if they qualify; only then they will be sent to the survey.

This targeting will automatically reflect all supply channels that you have integrated, where the respondents will get pre-validated before getting to your end to do the survey.

Quota Management.
Quota Management.

You can further restrict your targeted respondents by choosing different quotas. For example, in the list of 100 respondents, you can choose how many males and females should be there, their education, age, and other criteria.

You can also create simple and complex quotas. Once the set quota is achieved, further respondents will be terminated and will not be allowed to enter in the client URL.

Supplier integration

Integrate suppliers from different supply channels by integrating APIs (Lucid, Cint, PureSpectrum, Dynata, etc.) to get the traffic flow. With one click, you can post and manage the surveys on all channels.
You can integrate (existing or manual) supplier panels for your surveys to get valid respondents.

Project reconciliation
Project reconciliation.

It lets you reconcile the transaction before final invoicing to the customer and supplier. All reconciliations will be propagated to the integrated supply channels as well in a click.


The accounts team can manage invoices for suppliers/customers from the same platform, and check/change the status of open/closed invoices. Integrated accounting tools, such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Zoho Books, to manage accounting processes.


It lets you get reports regarding the performance of your suppliers, internal team, project, sales team, and customers. You can generate year-to-year, month-to-month or project-level comparisons for revenue, cost, conversion, and other performance metrics.

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