A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Nodejs Developer In 2024

Hire NodeJS Developer

Nodejs is a popular JavaScript framework that helps you build apps supporting the latest technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and more. But to Hire a Nodejs Developer is always a challenge. It requires proper planning and attention to every detail, including experience and skills. 

Develop an amazing web application with top-notch user experience with the right Nodejs Development Company and team. Learn about important tips to hire a NodeJS developer for your web development requirements. 

Why Nodejs is Popular Among Developers?

Today, top brands like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, eBay, and Walmart use Nodejs for improved performance and reduced development efforts.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that allows developers to leverage JavaScript for both the server and client side.

It is a unified programming language for developing highly scalable and high-performing web applications. 

Nodejs Popularity Statistics Among Developers

  • As per StackOverFlow developer’s survey 2023, Nodejs is the leading technology. 
  • 42.73% of experienced developers opt for Nodejs, while 42.44% of beginners or learners choose Nodejs for coding. 
  • Consistent rising hiring trends for Nodejs developers.

hiring trends for Nodejs developers

Not only this, Nodej’s capability to build diverse applications across industries has made it the preferred choice for developers.

From developing Ecommerce to crowdfunding, IoT-based, real-time apps, microservice architecture, and payment processing apps, Nodejs is the developer’s choice in 2024.

It has increased the demand for top node.js development companies in India.

Reasons To Hire NodeJS Developer

Nodejs developers ensure the performance of your apps with consistent support and maintenance. 

Below are the reasons why you must choose Nodejs for building web apps.

1. Skill and Expertise

A node js developer can leverage the latest technologies and tools to build real-time web applications. They can foresee the market trends to build future-proof Nodejs solutions to meet business and user’s needs, for improved user experiences. 

2. Faster Time to Market

It’s event-driven, non-blocking architecture allows developers to build and deploy web applications. This means businesses can launch their products or services to market faster, gaining a competitive edge and capturing market opportunities more rapidly.

3. Speed and Performance

With its high-speed JavaScript execution engine, Node.js enables businesses to deliver web applications with high performance and responsiveness. 

Example- PayPal reduced app response time by 35. Also, they successfully processed twice as many user requests due to a boost in application productivity with 33% less code. 

4. Reduced Cost

Node.js enables businesses to handle more traffic with fewer server resources, reducing infrastructure and hosting expenses, especially for applications with high concurrency requirements.

5. A single framework for all applications

Nodejs developers are skilled in JavaScript to build amazing web experiences for their customers. Using Nodejs, they can build apps like- IoT, CrowdFunding, E-commerce, payment apps, social media, real-time chat software, media, and enterprise web services. 

If you are still determining what type of apps you will build in the future, hiring Nodejs developers is the best option, as they will have your back.

6. Scalable Solution

Node.js can handle large volumes of concurrent connections making it suitable for scalable web applications. Businesses can easily up-scale their apps to accommodate growing user bases or sudden spikes in traffic, offering uninterrupted service, and optimal performance during peak times.

Whether a startup or an experienced enterprise, Nodejs developers help build scalable solutions for any industry. Before you hire nodejs developers in India, understand their roles and responsibilities based on their experience. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nodejs Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a Nodejs developer may vary depending on their experience level. Below is the breakdown of Nodejs developers- Junior, Mid, and Senior levels.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nodejs Developer

From Where to Hire Nodejs Developer: Hiring Models

To hire a professional Nodejs developer, you must know where to find and hire one. Different hiring models are available that suit unique business needs and budgets.

1. Hiring Nodejs developers based on geography

Based on location, you can choose nearshore, offshore, or global data centers to hire specific Nodejs developers. If you want local developers, you can check top platforms like Clutch, Glassdoor, and others to know about top Nodejs companies in India

If you go for global talents, you can post job requirements on platforms like Linkedin, Nodejs communities, and networks. Also, you can check for companies offering offshore Nodejs development services.

2. Hiring Nodejs Developers based on engagement type

Based on engagement type, there are several options, including- in-house, staff augmentation, freelancers, and outsourcing Nodejs developers.

  • In-house Nodejs developers- Ideal for long-term commitment and hired via traditional hiring process. It is an expensive solution for regions with costly resources.
  • Staff Augmentation- You can choose Node.js contractors through staff augmentation. You can save interview costs and time with pre-vetted developers from trusted development platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and others.
  • Freelancer Nodejs Developer- This is another alternative to augment your Node.js development team. Freelancers are the least expensive option. They are suitable for short-term projects or specific tasks. They are flexible to work within any timeline. 
  • Outsource Nodejs Developers- The last option is to outsource Nodejs developers from a reputed Nodejs development company. Access a team with diverse skills and expertise, suitable for end-to-end project needs. It is still an affordable option than hiring talented Nodejs developers. 

Choose your hiring model and start the process of hiring Nodejs developers.

How to Hire Nodejs Developers: Simple Steps

Below is the simple process to hire Nodejs developers.

Step 1- identify core skills and expertise

You must define what skills you require for your project and state them clearly while hiring. Check the developer’s experience and their role in previous companies with a portfolio. Assess their technical and soft skills.

Technical Skills 

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including ES6 features and best practices
  • Able to work with Nodejs frameworks, like- Expressjs, Koa.js, and Nest.js
  • Database knowledge, able to work on databases like- PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL
  • Knowledge of asynchronous programming, including callback functions, promises, or async/await.
  • Understanding of front-end technologies, like- React, Angular, or Vue.js to build seamless user interfaces.
  • Version control systems like Git for collaborative working
  • Knowledge of API communication with differences between REST and SOAP
  • Able to work with cloud platforms like Azure and AWS to manage, scale, and deploy the applications.
  • Implement industry best security practices

Soft Skills

  • Communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Time management

Step 2- Post the job opening with project requirements and a description

Post your job opening across multiple channels based on your type of hiring model. Make sure to clearly define project requirements, what skill level you need, experience, and overall expertise. This will help developers to get a better understanding before applying.

Step 3- Conduct Interviews and Assess Skills

Beyond the CV check, you must conduct a solid interview method to assess the required skills for your project. Design an interview process that tests both technical qualifications and cultural compatibility. 

You can also conduct hackathons, live coding exercises, and portfolio reviews along with scenario-based questions based on the experience mentioned. This will help you hire a nodejs developer. 

Step 4- Discuss with the Team and Onboard

Once you find the relevant candidate, you can discuss with your team their role and start with the onboarding process. Set clear expectations and career paths with regular training and upskilling sessions.

But, one question is still in every manager’s mind. Whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated in-house Nodejs developer.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire NodeJS Developer?

To hire Nodejs developers, you must consider several factors like- location, team size, project complexity, experience, and more. All these factors can significantly alter your overall Nodejs app development cost.

Considering the experience, below is the cost breakdown.

Cost to Hire a Nodejs Developer

Different location comes with different Nodejs developer costs. But if you hire nodejs developers in India, it would cost around $15K per month. To know more about costs, you can connect with Nodejs app development agencies for a clear cost breakdown.

Why Nodejs is Popular Among Developers

Why Choose OnGraph for Hiring a Nodejs Developer?

With 15+ years of experience and a pool of vetted Nodejs developers, we have successfully delivered 10k+ projects globally. In the last year, we have grabbed a few titles from Clutch.io and GoodFirms for our top-notch software development skills.

We offer you to hire our in-house developers for specific project needs. From full-time to dedicated Nodejs developers, we have you covered.

Reasons to choose OnGraph-

  • You can find the best Nodejs developers in no time. Our company has vetted top-tier developers across different locations.
  • Our consistent support and maintenance allow you to meet existing market needs.
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Agile and DevOps approach for faster project deliveries
  • Understanding of the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks
  • Market research expertise to understand future market demands
  • Full-stack and real-time app development


Businesses with a customer-centric approach are leveraging Nodejs. Nodejs developers are extremely popular due to their specialization in improving your web app experiences for your customers. However, it poses some challenges to hiring node js developers in India.

We hope this guide will help you that how to approach Nodejs candidates with a streamlined hiring process. What things to consider, and what not? 

If you want to hire Nodejs developers in India and the USA, connect with OnGraph experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the hourly rate for a Nodejs programmer?

The hourly rate for a Node.js programmer can range between $20 and $90, depending on experience and location. To know our estimation, connect with our experts

Q. How long does Node.js take to build?

The time to build with Node.js may vary depending on the project’s complexity. Our dedicated Nodejs developers can help you streamline the development process with faster project delivery. Connect with our expert to discuss your requirements.

Q. Is Node.js currently the best web development platform?

As per Stackoverflow, Nodejs is highly popular. Millions of websites are using Nodejs for improved performance. Also, top brands like PayPal, Netflix, and LinkedIn use Nodejs and you can see the results yourself. Then yes, we prefer Nodejs over other web app frameworks.

Q. Why is Node.js so much faster?

Node.js is significantly faster due to its non-blocking, event-driven architecture. This allows for high concurrency and throughput, improving the performance and responsiveness of web apps.