How to Develop an eCommerce Platform like AliExpress: Steps, Features & Costs?

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Did you know that in 2023, AliExpress, one of the world’s largest online retail platforms, bagged $55 billion in sales?

This huge number represents the platform’s achievement and an opportunity for business owners to succeed in the retail industry. Businesses seek advanced eCommerce Platform Development solutions to improve shopping experiences for their audiences. 

But how much does it cost to build a gigantic E-commerce platform like Aliexpress, that generates revenue?

In this article, we have covered everything you need to start your eCommerce journey just like AliExpress. Hire a top eCommerce application development company to build cost-efficient solutions in 2024.

eCommerce Market: 2024

Technological advancements, shifts in consumer behavior, and market dynamics have changed the outlook of the E-commerce industry. It transformed how people shop, open new opportunities, and expand customer reach.

eCommerce Market

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing markets expected to go over $7.9 trillion By 2027. With millions of online stores, it is challenging for startups and new entrepreneurs to stand out. As per Forbes

  • By 2027, 23% of retail purchases are expected to shift online.
  • In 2023, AliExpress crossed 9 billion users and consistently received 431 million visits monthly.
  • Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress are the most visited e-commerce websites.

To stand out businesses need an ecommerce platform like AliExpress. 

Explore why you must invest in ecommerce website development services. Hire an ecommerce developer for a better business approach.

Reasons to Invest in Developing an eCommerce Marketplace 

Developing an Ecommerce platform is the best opportunity to grow and succeed.

The best industry example is AliExpress. It is known for its great user experience and has been scaling since 2010. Hire a top eCommerce website development company to build an advanced Ecommerce platform that might bring more revenue than AliExpress. 

Below are why you must invest in custom eCommerce app development in 2024.

1. Global Expansion and Customer Reach

An Ecommerce marketplace solution allows you to break geographic barriers and tap into the global market. You can reach a broader customer base without added marketing costs, increasing sales and creating a brand presence. 

2. Reduced Cost

One of the top reasons to start your Ecommerce journey is its reduced upfront costs, as you do not have to invest in physical infrastructure, manage inventory, and staffing. The products will be delivered from the vendor store directly. This cost-effectiveness makes it easier to enter the market and scale operations.

3. Diverse Revenue Streams

With a scalable Ecommerce marketplace, you can generate revenue from multiple sources. You can use strategies like transaction fees, subscription fees for premium services, advertising, and commissions on sales from vendors who utilize the platform. 

You can invest more to offset operating costs or further growth and development. Below are the revenue streams used by AliExpress.

  • AliExpress earns revenue by charging commissions, typically 5% to 8% of the transaction value.
  • There’s also a fixed fee of $1500 plus a store fee for starting or changing a store on the platform.
  • It generates $7 million in revenue from ads annually.
  • Enticing discounts of up to 50% for customers with specific purchasing limits.

Build a Readymade eCommerce platform with OnGraph for diverse revenue streams with minimal investment cost.

4. Improved Shopping Experience for Customers

E-commerce marketplaces allow customers to compare products, services, and prices for more personalized experiences. It also helps businesses to improve their sales through up-selling and cross-selling. 

Customers can access products/services anytime irrespective of their geographical regions, boosting business revenue.

A fully functional Ecommerce platform includes several features and functionalities to provide a seamless shopping experience. If you are just starting with eCommerce platform development, integrate it with the top features with the latest techs supporting it.

Must-have Features of eCommerce Platform

Below are some crucial features you must prioritize while developing an Ecommerce marketplace, competing with AliExpress.

eCommerce Website Development

1. User-friendly Interface and Navigation

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is ensuring a smooth user interface, so the target customer can easily find the desired product in one go. Categorize the products and offerings logically, with personalized recommendations appearing on top. 

Some people shop for products by brands, others by specific categories. So the navigation bar must offer such functionality providing easy access to all products available. It must include-

  • Product Listings & Categories
  • Search Bar & Filter Option
  • Order management 

2. Integrations with Social Media and Third-party platforms

If you want to expand your customer base and reach more people, it must include social media and third-party integrations. Your Ecommerce platform must allow customers to share items over multiple channels. The app must be compatible with other marketplaces. It must also include 

  • Logistics and shipping integrations like third-party delivery vendors for swift deliveries.
  • Secure Payment Gateways

Your customers must feel safe while making online payments while shopping. Integrate secured payment gateways for quick and secure transfers, boosting customer trust and brand value. 

“52% of online shoppers report shopping internationally.”

Ensure a streamlined checkout process, so that your customers complete their transaction, reducing card abandonment rate. Also, implement industry standards to keep customer’s data safe. It must include-

  • Shopping Cart & Checkout system
  • Order Management

3. Personalized User Experience

Online retailers focusing on customer experience through personalization gain a competitive edge. A successful e-commerce app offers unique experiences for each customer, utilizing features such as personalized product suggestions, filtered search results, and tailored sales and discounts.

“56% of online customers are likely to revisit a site with product recommendations, while 44% of those enjoying personalized shopping experiences will become repeat buyers.”

4. Real-time Order Tracking and Notification

One of the most crucial features is to allow your customers to track their orders in real time with notifications. This will ensure transparency for customers in case of any issue or delay. 

Incorporate these features in your Ecommerce platform to get a competitive edge in the industry. Consult with the leading eCommerce app development team and understand how to start eCommerce Website Development like AliExpress. 

Steps to eCommerce Website Development Like AliExpress

Below are the simple steps to start your eCommerce journey. But you might require a dedicated team of Ecommerce experts.

Step 1- Perform Market Research

Research your target market and potential customers. Understand their pain points and what solution can help customers to shop more and better. 

Determine whether you want to target B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer) customers, or both. B2B and B2C customers have unique preferences and requirements for buying and using products or services.

Identify and analyze your top competitors, including what they are offering and how you can do better to engage customers.  

Step 2- Plan the Functionalities and Features

First, understand what services you want to provide to your customers. Then decide what features could help achieve your goals for better customer experience. 

If you are developing an Ecommerce website app, consider the following features for greater reach.

Basic Features:

  • User Registration/Login
  • Product Listings and Details
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Order Tracking
  • User Profile Management
  • Search Functionality
  • Push Notifications

Advanced Features:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Wishlist/Favorites
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Multi-language Support
  • Loyalty Programs and Rewards
  • AR/VR Product Visualization
  • In-app Messaging/Customer Support
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Integration with Third-party Services (e.g., CRM, ERP)

Step 3- Choose an eCommerce app Development Company

Hire a top eCommerce software development company that can help you with Ecommerce platform development. Go through portfolios of various companies and see how their clients have benefitted from their development approach. Connect with potential companies and discuss your plan for cost and development time estimation.

Step 4- Design the UI/UX of Your Marketplace App

If you hire an app development company, they’ll create wireframes and designs for your online store. Experienced designers will align the logo, colors, fonts, and images to reflect your brand identity. You can hire our UI/UX design team to ensure a user-friendly interface and responsiveness across different screen sizes.

Step 5- Tech Stack to Develop eCommerce Marketplace App

When selecting a tech stack, each e-commerce developer has their preferences based on expertise and cost. At OnGraph, we use the following technology stack for e-commerce app development.

eCommerce Website Development

Step 6- Testing

After developing your mobile e-commerce app, the team tests it to make sure it works well and is free from errors. This testing phase helps catch and fix any issues before the app is launched.

An e-commerce testing team or a custom app development company will conduct various tests such as unit testing, mobile device testing, and functional testing to ensure your app performs well on all fronts.

Step 7- eCommerce App Launch

Once your app is hosted and published, it goes live for users to download and use. You must monitor its performance post-deployment and make necessary updates for a better user experience. 

Regularly upgrading your eCommerce app with new features, customized designs, descriptions, and images enhances your store’s shopping experience and boosts customer loyalty.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an eCommerce App Development Like AliExpress

The cost of developing an Ecommerce app like AliExpress may depend on various factors-

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Platform selection
  • Design and User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Location of Development Team
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Marketing & Launch

eCommerce App Estimated Cost

You must consult the right eCommerce app development company for cost estimation that fits your specific business requirements. 

How Much Cost Does it Take to Create an eCommerce App?

Below is an average estimation of an Ecommerce app development throughout the development to deployment phase. 

How Much Cost Does it Take to Create an eCommerce App?

How Much Time Does it Take to Develop an eCommerce App?

Developing an eCommerce app depends on several factors, including complexity, features, technology stack, and team size. Typically, an Ecommerce app development takes around 3 to 12+ months.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated development time for simple, medium, and complex mobile eCommerce apps.

Estimated eCommerce App Development Timeline

Start Your eCommerce Journey with OnGraph- an eCommerce development company

In this dynamic market, businesses seek scalable and futuristic solutions. Thus, they leverage the latest techs to provide out-of-the-box shopping experiences to their customers. 

From AR/VR to chatbot integrations, people are getting shop-like experiences from the tip of their mobile apps. AI and ML have taken personalization to the next level, allowing customers to shop more and helping businesses to make more revenue. 

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Q. How do you ensure the security of an E-commerce platform like AliExpress?

We prioritize everyone’s security by following industry-best security practices like SSL certificates, encryption protocols, and regular security audits to protect transactions and sensitive user information.

Q. What strategies do you employ to attract and retain customers on my E-commerce platform?

We have expertise in digital marketing techniques such as SEO, marketing, email campaigns, and affiliate programs to improve your brand visibility and drive traffic. Also, we let you offer discounts, loyalty programs, and personalized recommendations, via our readymade solution for user engagement and retention.

Q. How do I handle logistics and shipping on my E-commerce platform akin to AliExpress?

We have made it easier with reliable shipping carriers and providing flexible shipping options across borders for a smooth logistics process. You can manage orders and inventory to optimize inventory management and order fulfillment.

Q. What are the best practices for managing sellers and product listings on my E-commerce platform modeled after AliExpress?

We can add a thorough vetting process for you to verify the identity and product quality standards. Cover everything from inventory management to order processing, and analytics. Clear policies and guidelines for product listings, pricing, and customer communication foster trust and transparency.

Q. How can I ensure scalability as my E-commerce platform grows like AliExpress?

With our capability to design scalable architectures, leverage cloud services, and adopt technologies like microservices for seamless scalability. Regular performance testing and optimization are crucial for sustained growth.