Unlocking the capabilities of Angular web app development.

Today, businesses are competing for a solid and outstanding online presence. This can be by having an interactive and feature-rich web application. Thus, you must go for a robust web development framework. Angular is one of the top choices for developing cross platform web applications.

Angular has made its presence in the market and has been a prevalent web development framework, offering powerful and rich user experiences, fast responsiveness, and code maintainability.

Angular is rising exponentially and has bagged the fourth position among the most commonly used front-end web frameworks per the Stack Overflow Survey 2021. Since its introduction in 2009, it has been widely used as the most sought-after JavaScript framework, improving itself to make front-end development much more straightforward and accessible.

Angular is one of the best solutions for your modern and dynamic web app development. Using JavaScript-based TypeScript programming language eliminates dispensable code, making lightning fast apps.

We are one of the top Angular development company with a strong team of software engineers, solution architects and project managers. At OnGraph, you will get a well-skilled team of Angular developers catering to all your types of business needs.

Angular Development Company

Unlock a wide range of Angular development services with us.

Front-end development

Get excellent front end with our outstanding web app development services in all fields.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

We provide fast and high-performing apps with SPA implementation, so your web page will not load whenever you open it.

Progressive web app
Progressive Web App

We provide solutions to modern web app development with PWAs. it comes with modern APIs, which leads to creating platform-specific apps using a single codebase.

Enterprise Web Applications

We deliver the best services to create enterprise-ready systems to make their complex workflow easier by automating and scheduling tasks.

Interfaces with Beautiful Animations

Leverage our high-end services to make your dynamic web app more interactive with beautiful animations, resulting in increased traffic and revenue.

Crafting world-class apps with our unique angular developers.

Professional developers

We have a team of highly-skilled and certified Angular developers who works creatively to provide the best results in the market.

Quick and promised results

With the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks in-house, our developers are willing to offer quick results without compromising the quality.

Consistent support

We are with you before and after the development. You can avail of our support and maintenance services for consistent improvement.

Competitive price

We offer the best price in the market while maintaining the quality and security of your apps.

Experience development with different Angular versions

Our developers are skilled in working with different versions of Angular frameworks providing compatible apps to your existing systems.

Angular works well for providing an organized structure to your web app and improving the UI. This structure helps developers work on apps efficiently. It is the most efficient option for working with complex projects.

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • IBM
  • PayPal
  • Microsoft Office Home
  • Deutsche Bank Developer Portal
  • Forbes
  • Google supported
  • Declarative UI
  • Modular structure
  • Easy coding and testing
  • Reusability

Yes, at OnGraph, you can choose your developers based on their ranking. You can also choose our developers as full-time or part-time depending on your requirement. But, it might impact your budget as different level of developers incurs different costing.

  • App development
  • App upgradation
  • Skilled and certified developers
  • Consistent support and maintenance




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