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We build highly intelligent NLP-enabled Voice Assistants for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Pod.

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VoiceBot Development for a Smart and Efficient Workflow

Leveraging the expertise over highly advanced and modern technologies, OnGraph offers turnkey solutions for the intelligent business assistant over voice. We develop and deploy smart voice bots in Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Pod to support your daily tasks, be it for home or business.

  • Amazing Experience
  • Individual Approach
  • Permanent Support
  • Accessible on the field and on the go
  • Highly Accurate
  • Integrate with your stack
  • Sales Bot
  • Customer Service Bot
  • Banking Bot
  • Health Insurance Bot
  • Technical Support Bot
  • HR Bot

Usecases of Voice AI

  • Sales Bot
  • Customer Service Bot
  • Health Insurance Bot
  • HR Bots
  • Technical Support Bot
  • Banking Bot
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Integration of Voice AI in your Business

How it works?

Connect your business with the Intelligent, Smart, and always Alert Assistant

Technology behind Voice Bot

  • Voice Recognition

    AL and NLP enable speech customization that helps Bot in capturing and analyzing the input signal.

  • Server Response Generation

    NLP and intelligent algorithm of ML help Bot generate informative and user-specific responses that support great interactions between systems and users.

  • Business Logic & Testing

    Voicebot consists of text business logic data validation feature that ensures only logically valid data entered at the front end as well as directly to the server side of an application of the system.


  • Enhanced Human-Machine Interaction

    With Voicebots, conversations are based on
    languages, not on screens. Voice AI respond to queries as humans do

  • Complete Automation

    Machine-to-machine interaction helps to make data retrieval
    and information output tasks easier and quick by automating different processes.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    A smart and intelligent interaction with machine generates quick and informative
    user-specific responses that bridges the communication gap and enhances the conversion rates.


How we Develop a Skill for your Device?

Amazon Alexa Skill development helps us build voice-driven capabilities which help you enhance and personalize your Alexa device.
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    We develop sample utterances or likely spoken phrases mapped to the intents with Alexa Skills that enable users to make a spoken request

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    Voice User Interface (Interaction Model)

    We implement custom interaction logic that enables Alexa Assistant to interpret user's intent and translate the words into a specific request.

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    Typical Graphical User Interface

    When we create custom skill, we provide built-in interaction models that let users make their requests and respond to questions by voice.

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