We influence outcomes before they happen and stand accountable for it


Next Generation

Workplace innovation is led by millennials - innovators, thinkers, and problem-solvers


Group Work

OnGraph has an environment that fosters group-based learning and work



Our thoughts, actions, and then results direct you to your own destiny



As speed wins in business, we love being agile than being perfect



We combine insights, efficiency, and flexibility and streamline required process flow


Highly Skilled

Our services echoed all due to personnel honing technical and interpersonal skills

Client served in 30 + Countries
250 + Number of professionals

The League Of Extraordinary
Web & Mobile App Builders

We are a group of innovators out to take over the digital world. Instead of using machine guns and laser beams we use weapons like PHP, Node, ROR, Angular, MySQL, HTML5, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, IOS, Android, React Native etc. to make killer web designs, apps and developments that are meant to knock out your competitors and establish a new wave of innovation on the web.

OnGraph's 200+ experts team comprises of top business, creative, engineering, management and analytical talent.

700 + Projects completed
About Journey

Ongraph Team

Ongraph has spent many years cultivating the best talent in the web/mobile design & development industry. Our organization is enthusiastic about what they do, and it shows in our work. The Internet is laden with too many sites that are simply boring and inefficient to use. As a user, they put you off, and as a business owner, it doesn’t fetch you any returns. But, we at Ongraph rectify this problem by making sites for the web as well as mobiles that are gorgeous in design and are smooth in functionality.

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Ongraph Team

We make your virtual Dreams a reality

We Are Your Angels In Disguise! And our services will deliver you miracles of success.

01/ . 06 Quality Deliverables

If there is one thing we never negotiate on that is our quality. We believe in giving our best, and that is specifically what we do.

02/ . 06 Customer Oriented Approach

Businesses are determined by how well their customers think of them. We are what we are today because of our dedicated services that our customers appreciate.

03/ . 06 Expertise

What makes us so good is the fact we love performing what we do. Every individual at Ongraph is hired for the driving passion they have for their work.

04/ . 06 Honesty and Transparency

We don’t take undue advantage of client’s ignorance of technological elements and always give them honest support. We also keep a transparent system as far as the prices for services are concerned.

05/ . 06 Enhancement Post Launch

Post-launch, we’ ll monitor and examine how the solution performs against the success criteria we outlined in the Clarify phase. We also create documentation for the project and offer our thoughts on how to approach the subsequent generation of the solution.

06/ . 06 Promotion Planning

We can also design and produce a marketing and promotion plan, control training sessions, or advice staff your organization to support the fresh solution.

Our clients are amazing!

See what our clients have to say about us!!

OnGraph developers have been working with us for the past couple of years and he has always produced excellent results. We plan to hire him again in the near future.

Fred Lewis – CEO, HopeGames

Developers of OnGraph are reliable and totally professional, have great communication skills and of course: they knows a lot of the Web World! Gold medal, thumbs up for this guy!

Paulo Rocha – CEO, Web Development company

Provide strong expertise for HTML5 and javascript applied to mobile web development. Delivered timely results and was very responsive to requests for any changes or clarifications. very easy to work with, and professional.

Mark Garrison, Founder – ReviewNet Corp

OnGraph developers are great to work with. I spoke with them via Skype once to discuss the project. From that point on, he would send me updates on the progress. He accomplished exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend OnGraph and will use them again in the future.

Hal Brumfield, CEO, Tachus

The OnGraph team did a good job working with us to develop this web app which had its own complexities that continued to evolve. We would make design changes and the team responded in a flexible way throughout. They are focused on hitting milestones and staying on budget. Good group of guys to work with.

Dorian Chase, Co-founder and CEO Xerofit

Extremely talented ExpressionEngine developer. Knows the ins and outs of addon development. Excellent at solving template parsing issues, natively and with the use of Stash, Mo’ Variables, etc. Work done in a timely manner with adherence to quality. Highly recommended contractor.

Kip Hughes, Founder & CEO, sKIPper76

Our Certifications and Recognitions Proves Our Credibility

Over the 11 years we have worked hard to perform exceptionally better to satisfy our clients and these recognition attach as extra star of excellence to our golden journey of success.

Awards and Accolades

We Are Top Rated Mobile and Web App Developers By Statistics

What will you get at OnGraph

  • 01. 250+ Top Developers
  • 02. 700+ Applications Delivered
  • 03. 400+ Clients Worldwide
  • 04. 4.7 star rating by 50+ clients
  • 05. Honest & Transparent

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