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Founded in 2010 by doctors at the University of Melbourne, GradReady has grown to be the largest postgraduate medical school entrance exam preparation provider in Australia – with nationwide operations.

GradReady, provides live courses focused on the core humanities and science concepts centered around GMAT exams. With 8+ years of trusted experience, GradReady has achieved unprecedented results for 8000+ happy students associated with them. OnGraph is proud of the long-term strategic relationship and helping students learn with GradReady. Back then, GradReady partnered with OnGraph to build their proprietary and innovative online system, which is underpinned by groundbreaking next-generation technology and data-driven approach. OnGraph’s team helped GradReady to bring out a world-class user experience backed by a science-based adaptive learning methodology.


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Goals & Objectives

Building a comprehensive adaptive learning platform
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Technology & Tools

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Business Challanges

In order to take GradReady Platform to the next level and make it future-proof, there were a few challenges the team had to address. GradReady was looking for a partner, which can help them bring the much-needed scalability, robustness, and performance to the platform, which targets students preparing for GAMSAT and UMAT.

DevOps Efficiency, Robustness, Deploy-ability:

One of the key challenges was managing frequent releases while ensuring no hiccups in the already live environment.

Dynamicity and Instructive learning:

The platform should provide students the dynamicity by providing consistent guidance in a way helping students with the next best step in their journey of learning.

Scalability and Performance

The platform was expected to handle exponential growth in user base, modules, and workflows – without hampering performance and stability.

User Experience and Personalization

One of the key challenges was to keep the platform customizable and bring personalization for students.

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The Solution

OnGraph’s team well understood not only explicit and implicit challenges but also the critical success factors that would establish the success of the envisaged learning platform. With a view to helping GradReady achieved its vision of an advanced learning platform, OnGraph employed next-gen technological stack and modern architecture.

Modern Architecture:

We revived the overall architecture keeping in view the GradReady’s current requirements and future needs. We leveraged Ruby on Rails technology for development, coupled with HAML for front-end and Postgress for backend database, together reaffirming a modernized architecture.

Agile Methodology & DevOps:

OnGraph’s proficient team followed the agile model and completed the implementation through iterations and in a structured way to make it work. The project management and DevOps were made effective with tools such as GIT, JIRA, and SLACK.

Twin Strategy for Scalability and Performance:

The team adopted the twin strategy of moving the website to a more stable and trusted hosting provider, while also ensuring robust server monitoring. The team addressed the scalability and performance needs through AWS server.

Leveraging pioneering tools:

The core solution used for achieving the critical platform asks was leveraging CK Editor. The tool helped establish a flow that ensured that students can take examinations smoothly. Moreover, workflows and methods were written ensuring the establishment of question sets dynamically.