What is Ionic App Development?

Ionic was introduced in 2013. It is an open-source UI software development kit for developing Hybrid Mobile Applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is the world’s most popular cross-platform mobile development technology stack. Since its creation, over five million apps have been developed using Ionic.

OnGraph offers specialized services in Ionic mobile app development for building cross-platform native and web app experiences with a single codebase. Our Ionic app development services aim to leverage a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for interactive apps.

Why choose Ionic App Development?

Single codebase

Developing applications for different platforms using different codes means double the work and increased expenses. With Ionic, all you need is one single codebase for every platform you want to run your application on.

Easy to use

Another significant benefit that comes with Ionic app development is the fact that it’s easy to use. This also makes the learning curve easy.

Cordova plugins

Cordova plugins do the wonders for Ionic giving access to different features of the operating system such as battery, pro-location, camera, access to logs, and more.

User interface

Ionic provides platform-specific user interface (UI) elements. All thanks to the vast library of native components for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as progressive web apps (PWA).

Easy testing

Mobile app testing is far easier with Ionic. You could test in on a desktop browser or even perform simulator testing for both iOS and Android apps using Cordova commands.

Large community

The best part about the Ionic Framework is that it has a large and active community that is eager to help on different forums or specialized YouTube channels.

Perks of choosing OnGraph for Ruby on Rails development

Rapid Delivery

We ensure the rapid delivery of your project as our skilled and experienced Ionic developers leave no stone unturned to complete your project within the given time.

Proficient Developers

Our proficient developers know why they are doing something in a certain way. They take full responsibility for their tasks. Having enough experience to get stuff done, they know how to be competent in the web app development world.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our only priority. We make sure that we fulfill all the requirements mentioned by our clients and give them what they want.

Competitive Pricing

We offer different competitive pricing models to meet the diverse needs of our clients located around the globe. We ideally consider an organized method to pricing and thus follow only the best approach and policies.

Active Support and Maintenance

We actively maintain and assure the quality of the app we build. Our developers are there 24/7 to assist you when needed.

Dedicated Developers

Our dedicated developers aim to reduce the time to market of your product by delivering a feature-rich app, which meets your requirement, on-time.

Serve across globe

We serve all types of customers around the world, from small enterprises to medium and large ones. We have our clients in almost every industry vertical.

Frequently Asked Question

Our consultants will get in touch to understand your requirements and assess the project scope. We will offer you our project proposal along with suitable engagement models to choose from. We begin immediately after the signing of the contract.

Yes, you absolutely can. Our Ionic consultants will assist you in selecting the right technology for your project— cost-efficient, future-ready, fits the best in your existing IT ecosystem and meets your business objectives.

Yes, you can. We provide ready-to-hire skilled resources that are highly experienced in the Ionic platform for the app development project, on a full-time basis.

The cost of the project depends on multiple factors— project scope, technology stack, hours required, engagement model, business objective, app features, and much more. Having said that, we aim to strike a balance between cost and quality for maximum satisfaction.

Following Agile project management, we regularly communicate the project progress to clients, concerned teams, and managers. In the case of an app development project, we provide login information for assessing real-time progress.

Again, it depends on the requirements, the project duration can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We follow the Agile development approach to deliver the project on time with the highest quality standards.

Sure, we can. First, our experts will understand project requirements and the time required. After this, we will offer suitable engagement models.

Yes, we take full ownership of post-development maintenance and updates. In other engagements, we offer support on a case-by-case basis.

Sure, you can. Our experts will assess the time required for the changes and will provide the estimations accordingly.




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