Serverless Computing Solutions

Deploy and run applications without provisioning or managing servers, enabling a focus on writing code while leveraging scalable and cost-effective cloud resources.

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What is
Serverless Computing

Our serverless computing solutions enable businesses to build and run applications without the need for provisioning, managing, or scaling servers. Leveraging AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Step Functions, and other AWS services, we offer scalable, cost-effective, and resilient architectures.

AWS Value Proposition

  • Scalability- Automatic scaling based on workload.
  • Cost Efficiency- Pay only for the compute time consumed.
  • Flexibility- Build applications using a variety of AWS services.
  • Reduced Operational Overhead- Focus on application development instead of infrastructure management.

Business Use Cases

Business Use Cases of
Serverless Computing Solutions

  • Web ApplicationsDevelop and deploy scalable web applications without managing servers.
  • Data ProcessingProcess large datasets in real-time or batch modes using event-driven workflows.
  • IoT BackendsHandle massive IoT data streams and execute business logic in response to device events.
  • MicroservicesDevelop microservices architectures with managed services to reduce operational overhead.

Customer Profiles

Characteristics and Profiles of Target Customers

  • CTOs and CIOsLooking to innovate and reduce time-to-market.
  • DevOps TeamsSeeking automation and scalability in application deployment.
  • Product ManagersFocusing on delivering features rapidly and efficiently.

Targeted Customer Profiles


Fast-growing companies needing scalable solutions without upfront infrastructure investment.


Large organizations seeking to modernize legacy applications and reduce operational costs.


Independent developers and small teams building innovative applications.

Customer Engagement and Delivery Mechanisms

Initial Consultation

Understand customer requirements and define the project scope.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Develop a PoC to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of serverless computing.


Deploy serverless solutions using AWS best practices.

Training and Support

Provide comprehensive training and 24/7 support.

AWS Marketplace

Offer pre-built serverless solutions for quick deployment.

Direct Sales

Engage directly with customers to offer customized solutions.

Partner Network

Collaborate with AWS partners to extend service reach and capabilities.

Serverless Computing Solutions Architecture Diagram

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