Increase Customer Retention with Well-crafted Fitness Apps

A fitness app needs to be smart enough to track all the users’ activities including high-intensity workouts, number of steps, food intake and so on. It should give users a capability to understand their daily calorie intake and also lets them customize their fitness regime according to their age, sex, and body weight.

Moreover, a fitness app should contain a pre-defined list of workouts, trackers and features such as geo-location progress tracker, pedometer, altimeter, water-intake tracker, diet plan tracker, etc. These features not only help users improve their health and fitness journey but also help fitness businesses to engage and retain their customers.

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Hire Fitness App Development Company to Build Ultimate Solutions

Hire the best fitness app development company that can offer solutions, which enhance your fitness business on a wider scale. Make sure you build an app that has a great UI/UX, design and MVP testing criteria. An engaging fitness app enhances brand equity and helps gain customers’ loyalty.

A few Established and Emerging Solutions In the Fitness Industry

  • Nutrition Apps
  • Workout Session Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Activity training Apps
  • Body-building apps
  • Weight-loss apps
  • Gym Instruction Apps
  • Wearable Apps

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OnGraph developers have been working with us for the past couple of years and he has always produced excellent results. We plan to hire him again in the near future.

Fred Lewis – CEO, HopeGames

Developers of OnGraph are reliable and totally professional, have great communication skills and of course: they knows a lot of the Web World! Gold medal, thumbs up for this guy!

Paulo Rocha – CEO, Web Development company

Provide strong expertise for HTML5 and javascript applied to mobile web development. Delivered timely results and was very responsive to requests for any changes or clarifications. very easy to work with, and professional.

Mark Garrison, Founder – ReviewNet Corp

OnGraph developers are great to work with. I spoke with them via Skype once to discuss the project. From that point on, he would send me updates on the progress. He accomplished exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend OnGraph and will use them again in the future.

Hal Brumfield, CEO, Tachus

The OnGraph team did a good job working with us to develop this web app which had its own complexities that continued to evolve. We would make design changes and the team responded in a flexible way throughout. They are focused on hitting milestones and staying on budget. Good group of guys to work with.

Dorian Chase, Co-founder and CEO Xerofit

Extremely talented ExpressionEngine developer. Knows the ins and outs of addon development. Excellent at solving template parsing issues, natively and with the use of Stash, Mo’ Variables, etc. Work done in a timely manner with adherence to quality. Highly recommended contractor.

Kip Hughes, Founder & CEO, sKIPper76

Key Features of Well Established Fitness Apps

One of the must-have features that is, nowadays, gaining users’ attention is wearable tech. It gives a more personalized experience across all devices. Moreover, there are engaging features that grab audiences’ attention and adds value to users health and fitness regime. An overarching and integrated Fitness app Integrates different aspects of Fitness value chain such as getting proactive fitness tips or hiring online personal trainers, nutritionist, or a dietitian - and much more.

  • Profile Edit Screen to Input Valuable Information

  • Multiple Login Features with Social Media Integration

  • Authority to Play, Pause and Stop the Live Session

  • Multiple Fitness Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

  • List of Live Workout Session

  • User Feedback Submission

  • Wearable Device Integration

  • Workout Calendar/Clock

  • HealthKit and Google Fit Integration

  • Progress Visualization

All this can easily be achieved by simply hiring fitness app developers who are experienced in developing feature-rich apps. They have profound knowledge of latest technologies, integration of which h can benefit your fitness businesses or idea in the long run.

Why Hire OnGraph for Fitness App Development?

  • Provide Easy Sharing of Data Between Apps

  • Ease in App Accessibility

  • Easily Connect 3rd party fitness devices

  • Provide On-demand personal trainer

  • Timely Delivery

  • 24/7 Support Facility

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