Increase Customer Retention with Well-crafted Fitness Apps

A fitness app needs to be smart enough to track all the users’ activities including high-intensity workouts, number of steps, food intake and so on. It should give users a capability to understand their daily calorie intake and also lets them customize their fitness regime according to their age, sex, and body weight.

Moreover, a fitness app should contain a pre-defined list of workouts, trackers and features such as geo-location progress tracker, pedometer, altimeter, water-intake tracker, diet plan tracker, etc. These features not only help users improve their health and fitness journey but also help fitness businesses to engage and retain their customers.

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Hire Fitness App Development Company to Build Ultimate Solutions

Hire the best fitness app development company that can offer solutions, which enhance your fitness business on a wider scale. Make sure you build an app that has a great UI/UX, design and MVP testing criteria. An engaging fitness app enhances brand equity and helps gain customers’ loyalty.

A few Established and Emerging Solutions In the Fitness Industry

  • Nutrition Apps
  • Workout Session Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Activity training Apps
  • Body-building apps
  • Weight-loss apps
  • Gym Instruction Apps
  • Wearable Apps

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I had a great experience working with Ongraph. I had a professional and reliable experience. I worked with really skilled native iOS and Android developers who are patient, take feedback well and work efficiently. I highly recommend Ongraph Technologies as a reliable mobile app development partner.

Shawn Frank, Co-founder

Ongraph’s developers delivered good work on my AWS project and I enjoyed working with them. The communication was top notch and they met all deadlines. The skills of the team are reasonably strong. I will likely additional jobs for Ongraph in future.

Boaz Dombrover, CEO

Very talented and highly skilled at designing complex LMS functions & web design integration that seem effortless and user friendly. They accomplished what we wanted and it was a job well done!

Dianne Smith COO at The K-Method Training Group, Inc.

Was always a pleasure to work with OnGraph. Brought great ideas and solutions.

Christian Holbein, ETL & Business Analytics Expert

The developers from OnGraph was of great help. Great attitude, smart and fast. Communication was a bit difficult because of the strong accent (I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it). Overall experience was good, and very effective. I would definitely recommend.

Fernando Falcon, CEO- Forebase

Key Features of Well Established Fitness Apps

One of the must-have features that is, nowadays, gaining users’ attention is wearable tech. It gives a more personalized experience across all devices. Moreover, there are engaging features that grab audiences’ attention and adds value to users health and fitness regime. An overarching and integrated Fitness app Integrates different aspects of Fitness value chain such as getting proactive fitness tips or hiring online personal trainers, nutritionist, or a dietitian - and much more.

  • Profile Edit Screen to Input Valuable Information

  • Multiple Login Features with Social Media Integration

  • Authority to Play, Pause and Stop the Live Session

  • Multiple Fitness Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

  • List of Live Workout Session

  • User Feedback Submission

  • Wearable Device Integration

  • Workout Calendar/Clock

  • HealthKit and Google Fit Integration

  • Progress Visualization

All this can easily be achieved by simply hiring fitness app developers who are experienced in developing feature-rich apps. They have profound knowledge of latest technologies, integration of which h can benefit your fitness businesses or idea in the long run.

Why Hire OnGraph for Fitness App Development?

  • Provide Easy Sharing of Data Between Apps

  • Ease in App Accessibility

  • Easily Connect 3rd party fitness devices

  • Provide On-demand personal trainer

  • Timely Delivery

  • 24/7 Support Facility

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