Women Working At OnGraph: Giving A New Definition To Corporate Culture

Posted by ongraph · March 8, 2019 · 3 Min read

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Women are breaking all the stereotypes coming out of their way without losing the softness, love, and care for which they are known. Right from managing home and kids to running successful businesses, women are marking their mark in every walk of life.

Women at work in OnGraph are also no short of powerhouses. Women constitute 44% of our workforce. Right from Directors, there are women who hold five of our leadership positions. We are emerging as one of the best, ideal and safest places to work in Software Application Development domain. Having two development centers in India in Noida and Jaipur, we have taken several mini steps to empower our women workforce in every way.

Here is how we contribute to empower our women workforce.

1) We are Getting Right Talent On Board

Though we make up to 44% women workforce, still the number is improving. We adhere to the standard and open recruitment processes based on hiring only talents on board that is ensuring more women on the computers. Opening in new roles and teams has become a gesture and a symbol of milestones we are achieving day by day.

2) Equal Opportunities Even In Leadership Roles

Right from our foundation, there have been women in leadership roles. We have not just appreciated their significant contribution to our success, but also reward them for their performances. Whether it’s delivery management, finance or HR management, marketing and sales management, technical leaders or other profiles, all these roles are taken up by women in OnGraph. We made our policies in such a way that help us present equal opportunities to all women employees and affirms zero bias between women and men employees.

3) Friendly and Interactive Culture

We tried everything here in OnGraph to address all issues that make a real difference to women. Throughout the years, we enabled an environment where co-workers share natural relationships and work closely with each other. Regardless of any team composition, friendly and interactive culture allows our women employees to be confident and perform professional and personal responsibilities without worrying about being unaccepted or judged.

4) Leading The Way For Women

We are gender sensitive because we understand women have multiple roles outside the office. Thus we empower our female powerhouses with policies such as paid maternity leaves, flexibility in office hours and work-from-home options to foster a healthy work-life balance. The small perks and flexibility help them to be more active and productive that of course help us in our overall success.

5) Ensure Safety: Transport And Escort Arrangements

OnGraph is offering application development solutions; thus support in odd hours are inevitable. Being committed to the safety and security of our employees, we provide pick-ups and drop through buses. We are stick to a security protocol; thus we also assist our women with escort arrangements and home drops by official vehicles in odd hours for safe transportation.

We strive to create an ecosystem that supports our women employees in all possible ways in the critical life stages such as marriage and motherhood. Though we are working on new policies and processes to enable them always empowered, efficient and confident, currently they are enjoying an interactive work environment, flexible working hours, equal pay scale, challenging positions and many more similar facilities.

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