Wireframing for Better Ecommerce – What and Why?

Posted by ongraph · May 27, 2016 · 4 Min read

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More and more ecommerce stores are coming into the online retail world every day. In this scenario, the real competition starts from the design of an online store. Efforts need to be made while designing an online store that offers an immersive online shopping experience that influences visitors to become customers. Incorporating new design tactics enables you to thrive as it keeps you abreast of the best practices for the ecommerce business. In doing so, your website can effectively attain traffic and drive online sales.


To enhance the online shopping experience for your potential customers, designers are going through wireframing for the website development process. Designers, developers, stakeholders and even the website owners are stressing upon developing wireframes. Wireframes are offering the skeleton of design at the elementary level and guide through the flow of development process. It ensures a particular structure of each page and help in organizing its content such as:


Header & Footer Design

The navigation bar is the hub of an online store. It guides visitors to their desired destination. In this way, header and footer work in establishing credibility with the site’s visitors. A well-designed header and footer escape clutter that ensures no distractions from the online shopping experience.


Home Page Design

A homepage of a site is actually offering a sampling of all the areas of the entire site. While designing homepage wireframe, ensure you sample all your site’s features and products in a way that it’s competing for a visitor’s attention. A big image, some CTAs, featured products, featured categories, credibility indicators and some tools and resources much added to your ecommerce homepages that grab attention of the buyers.

Category Page Design

Main category pages are the first or second page a visitor encounter while having a conversation with the site. It can be considered as an important gateway for driving traffic to the site and leads buyers to the product page. Thus, you must add encouraging signals to your category page and that’s the thing you can decide on category page wireframe. You can provide a logical step in the navigation to travel from another category page to subcategories and more. This adds and maintains the buying momentum in your site.


Subcategory Page Design

Subcategories are the places of an ecommerce site where the bulk of actions take place. These are the pages where visitors view, sort and filter products to their liking, before settling on the product that is right for them. You must customize subcategory pages that support individual preferences so that a visitor can efficiently move them to the next stage of the conversion funnel – product pages.

Product Page Design

An effective product page is a key that influence the buying decision. Hence, it must limit clutter so that visitors can focus attention on adding items to the cart. You can decide on product page wireframe about the page ecommerce product page layout which displays the product image, provide relevant information and guides to where the transaction takes place.


Checkout Process

The ecommerce checkout page must follow the best practices, meaning it assure customers of their order in the cart. The page should validate for the customer that they’ve added the right items to their cart. The page must clearly display product photo, Product title, Product attributes (size, color, dimensions, etc.), Item Price, Item Quantity and Subtotal so as visitors can rest assured for the site’s credibility and personal satisfaction.


Mobile Ecommerce Design

These days, ecommerce shopping mostly happens on mobile apps. Smartphone traffic to ecommerce sites grew by the higher numbers in the past few years, thus your website must have the design which creates a seamless experience between all device types. In doing so, you can decide your strategy over the wireframe in order to take a look at when different device types are in use will help us to understand why having a mobile responsive design has become so vital today.


Wireframe can be used in many other ways and for many other requirements while deciding the outlook of an ecommerce store and its varied pages. How’s your strategy of developing wireframe for ecommerce store?

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