Will HTML5 Ever Rule the world?

Posted by Alka Singh · September 26, 2018 · 4 Min read

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Though everyone knows, still I would like to mention that HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the core language of World Wide Web. HTML since the beginning has been used for web for structuring and presenting content. There has been a buzz in the web world about the latest version of HTML, i.e., HTML5. HTML5 is the latest specification of HTML and represented a major break with previous markup practices. With a new version of markup language, a natural question arises why we need it and what makes it so special?

Because today’s people are now accessing the internet services on their mobile devices. However, this seems a simple activity yet has its significance because businesses need to be sure about the responsiveness of their websites to these widely used devices. We have a number of mobile devices and different operating systems that increase challenges for the support of mobile devices.

This new version of technology with its emerging features provides solutions for several business challenges. When an application developed using HTML5, it can run anywhere that manages to stay influential in the mobility world. In the beginning, it gets broad adoption for static catalog development and lightweight micro sites structuring. However, this technology has evolved since then, and today a developer can build varied applications for different mobility levels such as html5 game development, trading business intelligence, entertainment, and lifestyle. If we believe in statistics, this most advanced markup language has a share of about 68% in the mobile development world and its growth is extremely progressive. Following are the benefits and reasons why HTML5 is getting more significant day by day and will be the future of application development:

1. The Semantics

This excellent technology introduced new tags that will help html5 developer enhance code quality for more meaningful results. For instance, earlier developers use <div> that says nothing about the content. Now the newly available tags like <nav> help developer to be more productive. It also provides all the required semantic elements required for classification of different html5 application development services.

2. Storage And Offline Benefits

HTML5 development services ensure the availability of application cache and local database along with local access. This means you are allowed to store data and synchronize it to the server when you need to. This impressive feature ensures that your application works and create an excellent user experience with or without the internet connection. The offline support to apps also accelerates the efficiency of a browser.

3. Interesting Connectivity

More of javascript is replaced by innovative tags that further reduced the need of plug-ins. It provides html5 video, website and other apps with the capability to perform speedily. Improved tagging in apps bring advantage and let apps run without getting crashed and paused from the multiple browsers while delivering improved communication.

4. Video Multimedia

HTML5 features introduced new tags like <audio> and <video> that made videos and audios a part of it. This attribute makes the audios and videos independent and lets them run on multiple browsers smoothly without requiring support from Silverlight or Flash. This innovative markup language eliminates the need to work on video player development to let videos incorporated into website pages while does the work for you itself, thus deliver good browsing experience.

5. 3D Graphics and Special Effects

Just like audio and video, working on html5 app development that includes 3d Graphics, animations, and special effects will be easier. It comes with <canvas> that allows developers to provide great visual effects that were only possible using Flash/CSS or JavaScript. CSS3 2D &3D along with SVG has become a part of it that give more credits and authority to this new version of markup language.

6. Flash Replacement

As Adobe indicated the death of Flash, the developer needed a replace of flash to work on app development in the near future. HTML5 is available as the best tool to perform application development for the web as well as mobile devices. Mobile browsers have already embraced html5 tools in the creation of mobile-ready projects.

This advanced markup language efficiently supports designing and developing projects for a smaller screen. With improved markup tags for audio, video, animation, graphics and semantic elements such as header, article, and more help html5 developer give a different appearance and meaning to web page elements and help them build apps with good user experience on mobile devices.

So, Will HTML5 Ever Rule The Future?

HTML5 opened endless opportunities for developers. This technology is maturing and improving day by day. It will be a matter of a short period before development through HTML5 surpasses other technologies which have been utilized for app development methods.

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