Why Adopt MVC Architecture To Build Applications?

Posted by Alka Singh · July 8, 2019 · 3 Min read

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MVC standards for Model, View, and Controller. MVC architecture is a highly popular application design model. It is widely used to develop the modern user interface. MVC architecture provides fundamental pieces to develop a program, be it mobile app, web app, or desktop app. MVC represents and addresses the core app development components like the model (data), the view (user interface), and the controller (processes that handle input). There are many advantages of developing an app by following MVC patterns.

Let’s get to know the advantages and understand why application development companies prefer to adopt MVC architecture to build applications.

1. Faster App development:

MVC supports parallel development of apps. In MVC, a developer can write code for the View while another developer can work on Controller to write business logic for the application. A team can perform multiple tasks at a time that leads to rapid app development.

2. Provide multiple views:

Today’s applications are highly dynamic as the demand is growing to access the apps in many ways. MVC here allows developers to build multiple views for a model easily.

3. It Supports asynchronous technique:

The model of MVC is compatible with JavaScript Frameworks. Therefore, MVC based apps work well with site-specific browsers, PDF files, as well as with desktop widgets. Support to asynchronous technique further allows developers to build apps that load faster.

4. Modification does not affect the entire model:

As we mentioned earlier, MVC promotes parallel programming; thus, a unit of work runs separately from the main application thread. As the Model part does not depend on the views to process data, changes in either section do not affect the entire model. Due to this, MVC comes handy to develop apps that may need frequent changes in the user interface like fonts, colors, screen layouts and support for mobile or tablets, etc.

5. The Architecture Returns Data Without Formatting:

Model-View-Controller architecture returns data without formatting. It allows using the same components in any interface. Take for example, developers format data into HTML, and with MVC, they can access data in formats for Macromedia Flash or Dream-Viewer.

6. SEO Friendliness:

MVC allows developing applications having search engine friendly URLs. MVC architecture is also a good choice to use in test-driven development apps. As the application design model is friendly with scripting languages such as jQuery and JavaScript, developers can build feature-rich web apps easily.

Wrapping Up

So, we can say that MVC architecture is significant to develop an application. The application design pattern is among the best architecture pattern due to the power it holds to manage multiple views. It helps companies save cost and time in project development.

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