What’s New & Exciting With Android N?

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December 6, 2016 | 1628 Views

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Google has come up with Android 7.0 Nougat as the latest upgrade for Google’s ubiquitous mobile operating system. Initially, it will be compatible with Nexus devices and in times ahead will get compatible with other phones. Google’s new OS is loaded with many new features and refinements, where they ensure improving overall Android experience.

However, Android Nougat doesn’t make major changes to the way your phone looks or feels. But the things which are done under the hood brings some new features and offer the much needed polish to our favorite smart phone operating system. Nougat is all about extending functionality, improving pre-existing features and further expanding what’s possible in stock Android. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Google’s latest mobile OS.


1. Multi-Window Multitasking


Definitely Multi-Window means more than one “Window” and amazingly it will be available on your phone’s screens now. The most interesting thing is that your mobile screen will be split 50/50 by default, and you can do two things at once on two different windows. Isn’t that amazing?

Though we have seen a similar feature with the same name from Samsung (and to a lesser extent LG) for a while, but Google has built things in a way that any app will just work, without the developer — or you — doing anything special. It is quick to pull up different apps on the top and bottom on a phone or left & right on a tablet once your device is powered by Android Nougat.

The devices having larger screens will experience a “freedom” mode that lets a user change a window’s size.


2. Even Better Notifications


Are you one among them who loves to have notification tray blown up with alerts? Cheers, as you are going to have bundled notifications once an app updates for Android Nougat. It allows you to opt for all of your apps notifications bundled into one alert. Interesting thing is that you can reply to your notifications directly from their spot in the tray, without opening the app or installing anything extra.

Moreover, when you wish to see more or do more than just send a quick reply, you can tap the notification to open an app and see everything.


3. Your Phone Will Feel Faster and Use Less Battery


Nougat has gotten a major update. It’s Google’s “Project Doze” that helps your phone use less battery when the device is not in your hands with the screen on. While it previously worked great while the phone was sitting still and not plugged in. Now it will also work when you are on the go and your device will be in your pocket or purse.

Nothing has changed in how it functions. Once you lock the phone’s screen, it stops background activities, and instead uses what Google calls “windows” to check for new messages or do things like update your location. By only allowing things that you really need to run, your phone will perform better and use less battery.


4. Using Less Mobile Data


Are you fret of paying for data overages? A device updated to Android Nougat allows you to enable Data Saver to restrict specific apps to make use of the data in the background. You can turn on Data Saver under data usage menu and this will restrict things like checking for tweets or emails. By turning Data Saver on, you can ignore certain apps and while it’s active you will have an icon in your notifications to let you know what’s up.


5. Improved security


Keeping data private and personal is important, thus Google made efforts and added new features in Android Nougat which makes things even more secure. It lets you use your phone with some apps which will be able to partially work before you sign in with your password or PIN. However, your actual phone app and your text messages can still come in, alarm will still work and any accessibility features needed to better interact with your phone can still run. Other apps and their data will remain unavailable and/or encrypted.

Once you sign in, you will experience everything works normally. It keeps your data safe from any mishap like phone gets lost or stolen. With Android Nougat, you can give an app access to a certain folder (like your picture library) without letting it have access to all of your external (SD card) storage.


6. New Emojis and multi-language support


Android Nougat brings forth latest and exciting Emoji. Apart from this, it lets you set multiple locales as well as a primary and secondary language – and switch easily between them. It is easy to notice that Google has reworked most of the emoji included on its mobile devices. Smiley faces now have a more human look and feel to them. Multi-language support is a huge deal for bi-lingual users and frequent travelers.


7. Cancel button for app downloads


An update in Google’s version now enable you cancel running downloads. You can directly cancel the download from download notification, instead of having to tap through each item in Play Store. It is a great deal of convenience at time when the battery is about to die or a cellular connection is turned on. Now you just need to slide down the notification, tap cancel and your data bucket is safe.


8. Quicker quick settings


Now cherish a row of quick setting shortcuts just above any pending notifications. Android Nougat offers shortcuts for bundle of settings and keeps it accessible from one finger where you need to swipe from the top of the screen. You can enable or disable features by tapping on it like Wi-Fi, turn on the flashlight, open battery settings, etc. This feature update displays only the first 5 items in the quick settings, so if you reorder those, you’ll change what appears here.


Seamless Updates


Android Nougat is backed by the concept of seamless updates. Meaning, new Android Nougat will be downloaded in the background and stored on a different system partition. The approach is as same as upgrading Chromebooks takes. But unfortunately, it is only 2016 Nexus’s for which this seamless update is available. You cannot get the new updates in your current devices such as Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

The aforementioned points are only few high level updates that Google is introducing through its latest release of Android Nougat 7.0. This new android version is for android fans. What update is your personal favorite? Let us know how it enhances your experience with Android devices in the comment section below.

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