What Are SEO Backlinks and What Are the Advantages of Backlinks?

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March 1, 2016 | 1626 Views

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If you are slightly connected to the world of digital media and search engine optimization, you must have heard about backlinks. However, even though most of us have heard about backlinks, most do not have a clear understanding of what they are and how important backlinks are for any article.

Backlinks are one of the fundamental requisites for proper search engine optimization.


What are backlinks?


Backlinks are also known as inbound links. They are web links which direct the visitor to your website. The higher the number of backlinks in a page, the greater is the importance or authenticity of your website. So, as the credibility of the website increases, chances of it appearing on the top of search engine results is very high. Therefore, backlinks are a key to search engine optimization.


However, one must remember that merely placing inbound links into your content does not suffice. The quality of links you are placing is of great importance. Which page does that inbound link lead to? What is the quality of the content in that page? These factors should be taken into consideration. The content on the linking site should be related to your article, in fact, it should work to provide additional information about the topic. It should enhance the knowledge of the visitor or should be providing some solutions. Pages with inbound links/ backlinks which have unrelated content are not considered to be of great quality.


Apart from the quality of the content on the linking and linked page, also look into the credibility of the page to which you are linking. Creating inbound links/backlinks to authentic and trusted web pages increases the score of your own web page.


For example if your page is talking about social media marketing and there is an inbound link to a page which talks about how analytics is defining social media marketing – then that adds value. It is an extension to the wealth of information your page is offering.


What is reciprocal linking?


If you build a website today, how will visitors or web surfers ever come to know that your website even exists in the World Wide Web? This is where reciprocal linking comes into play. Reciprocal linking ensures that visitors are directed to your website. One webmaster’s inbound link would redirect to another webmaster’s site page. So, it is almost like promoting and directing the visitor towards each other’s website.


Also in the ecommerce space, if you are a company dealing with beauty products and cosmetics, you could have an inbound link to another website which is basically a beauty and fashion magazine. So, if you have two websites of your own, you can get your visitor to visit both with the help of backlinks. This way, they not only buy your products but also make an informed decision about their purchases by going through the latest trends listed in the magazine webpage.


Isn’t that pretty cool? So, wait no more, get noticed in the world of webpages with your inbound links working for you!

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