What are Advantages of Node.js

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January 11, 2016 | 1658 Views

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Out there in the world of technology, there are several cool platforms which you can use for development. But before you decide on a particular platform, let me introduce you to one of the finest software platforms that is available out there and what are its advantages. Yes, we are talking about node.js!


What is Node.js?


Node.js is a run time environment which works across platforms and is used for networking and server side applications. To top it up- it is open source as well!

To understand Node.js and its superior functionality better, you need to understand what an event driven program is.

An event driven program, as the name suggests, is driven when a particular event occurs. A trigger is fired due to which a certain function is called. When any such event occurs, Node.js provides an I/O API which is non-blocking in nature. Being non-blocking commands can be executed in parallels, i.e. faster development. This in turn enhances the throughput and scalability of an application. So, if you want to bring event driven programs to your web servers for enhancing the speed, Node.js is for you.

  • A huge percentage of basic app modules are written in JavaScript and Node.js uses Google V8 JavaScript for execution of the code. V8 executes all JavaScript code at super-fast speeds by converting it into machine code. So, it makes development a lot faster.
  • Node.js is fundamentally JavaScript. App modules are also written in JavaScript. Basically, you are using JavaScript throughout your application, backend and front end. This maintains the integrity of the application. There are no compatibility issues as well.
  • It handles I/O operations asynchronously and matches a lot of development problems that generally occur in web development or network development. Also, apart from JavaScript, another advantage that Node.js sports is the Event Loop.
  • Node.js adds a new dimension to real time apps such as chats and games. It uses the web socket protocol to make client and server communication really easy. It excels at executing many concurrent connections. Event Loop makes multi user arrangements possible.
  • Do you want your applications to work like web servers without software? Well, Node.js can do it for you. It comes with an inbuilt library that allows applications to do just that- run like web servers without the server software.
  • This process simplifies installation, un-installation and updating of libraries. It can also stream data into web sockets in a way similar to streaming data into HTTP.
  • Apart from its inbuilt capabilities, Node.js being open source has a community which is very active. Discussions and brainstorming in the community has resulted in some great modules which add further capabilities to applications driven by Node.js.
  • Although open source, projects developed on Node.js are not out in the open ready to be dropped anytime its volunteers quit. There is a dedicated team of developers and technicians who actually take care of all Node.js applications.

So go ahead and reap the great benefits of using Node.js.

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