Top 8 Web App Development Trend That Have Been Followed In 2018

By Rakesh Verma
August 13, 2018 | 1233 Views

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To stay in the race of constant upgrade, web developers need to embrace changing trends which possess tremendous opportunities in the web milieu. Here are top 8 web application development practices which have acquired continues space and adoption in web development ecosystem in 2018.

1. Single Page Websites

Simplicity always wins and single page website development with added functionalities has enticed users in recent times. It is easy to escape all the clutter on a website and publish content on a single page. In past year, you must have encountered MEAN Development Company that provide websites serving all the information on the homepage where you scroll down or up to read the content on the website. Single page website leaves away usage of a multi-level menu, number of pages and tons of text.

However, online stores and blog owners do not find a single page website convenient for their users and business. Besides this concept works well with companies who need to display their projects and portfolio without any distractions on the page. One of the most interesting and attractive features of one-page website is that it can be accessed on the go through mobile devices. A one-page website is addressed as user-friendly and cost-effective. It has been in mainstream in 2018.

2. Google AMP

Mobile-friendly is the thing of the past for Google and it will be a fact for all of us in the upcoming time. While initially geared to blogs and news websites, AMP has introduced components that make it easy to adapt to different industries such as an e-commerce website. To date, more than 150 million AMP components are in Google’s index, with over 4 million being added every week. AMP Development is not meant purely for mobile traffic; it renders well on mobile, tablet and desktop.

In the Google’s AMP conference in New York in 2017, Google’s VP of Search and AMP lead David Besbris came up with big news. Chinese Search Engines baidu and Sogou are adopting AMP; so is Yahoo Japan. These search engines will mean a billion more people potentially using AMP.


3. Customer Service Chatbots

In 2017, chatbots cropped up as one of the hot topics of the year and in 2018 it clocks in as not a miss web app development trend. In MEAN development services industry, customer service chatbots with digital intelligence are available as a strong option that resolves customer requests cheaply, quickly and consistently. New technologies are challenging the old constraints and assumptions and building new rules of competition. Companies widely active in the customer service industry must adapt to new technologies quickly i.e. AI Chatbots Development if they wish to be at a significant advantage.

4. Multilingual Website

Businesses continually see shifts and changes. The current trend businesses have to adapt to make a shift to building a multilingual website. The internet continues to grow and now become the most sought-after platform to seek information, good, and services. Though multilingual websites are still in their early stages, yet multinational companies are turning to multilingual to secure an international foothold. A trend towards multilingual websites development will naturally take a surge and being multilingual website will become part and parcel of an internet presence. Whether you chose to invest in this trend now or later, you will have to as it’s the only choice you have.


5. VR optimized WordPress Website

Virtual Reality again occupied space for itself among the top trends of web app development for an upcoming year. Undoubtedly, VR and AR Development have a huge opportunity. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and others are investing millions to explore new possibilities with VR. WordPress has bragged the opportunity to use it on its website with the simple use of a plugin. The mere use of one of the many VR plugins will embed the Virtual Reality functionality in your website where the person would be able to get a three-dimensional view of the website by using the three-dimensional headset.

Virtual Reality will entice your potential audience if used the correct way because it holds the power to give your potential customers an amazing experience.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications have brought a significant change in user engagement since it appeared in mobile apps. Looking at the advantages, websites have adopted push notifications largely but not as much as it must be. Like mobile apps, push notifications enable desktop users (majorly) stay up-to-date with every update. Push notifications have made it easy for users to receive on time notifications about a new deal, updated blog posts and more.

The advantage of push notification is not a mystery, as it engages more users without doing any extra effort. Push notification leaves social media and emails behind in providing updated information to users. You must have updated the feature within your mobile app once it came into a trend. In 2018, integrating push notification in a website has been a significant trend.

7. Progressive Web Apps Will Dominate

Progressive Web Apps – not a new word for a website. PWA was introduced in 2015, but this new service is ready to compete with native mobile apps. PWA websites look like native mobile apps and can work without being connected to the internet. Progressive Web Apps is dominating the web development trend and is widely adopted by big companies as well. Since the information on PWA websites is stored in the cache, once a user creates a shortcut of a website on home screen, it enables the application to load quickly as well without the internet connection. The future of Progressive Web Apps Development is surely bright since companies find it an attractive way to increase conversion rates that obviously boosts revenue. Nonetheless, the technology is new thus is growing gradually in mobile and web environment.


8. Motion UI

Animation applied to user interfaces these days is drawing high attention and provoking hot debates. Though a big army of people out there believe animation is an unnecessary feature overlooking user interface and making it more complicated, still users find animation attractive and engaging during interaction experience. As animation becomes the most attractive element of a website, it occupied space in the web design trends of 2018. No matter you choose GIF animation or Motion UI design, both will help you entice users. Motion UI also became the most popular library in 2017. With this library, developers without having knowledge of JavaScript or JQuery library can animate content as easily as possible. However, development is relying on SASS preprocessor.

Liked what we have tried to consolidate? We are sure; you must have your favorite trend picks as well. We shall love to hear out your perspective.

Hence, what are your strategies for your web app development?

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