Top 10 Advanced Features Of iOS 12

By Alka Singh
November 16, 2018 | 1701 Views

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Finally, with the new iPhone devices, we additionally have the newer iOS version, i.e. iOS 12. Whether it is devices or it is software, Apple continually pushes its limit and always brings the advancements which draw the users the most. Let’s dive and embrace what’s exciting, amazing and new about iOS1 12.

New & Advanced Features Of IOS 12

1) How To Limit Your App Use?

Remember your addiction to PUBG? Are you not spending so much time to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or gaming apps? Social accounts are such a distraction during work hours. If you are losing productivity because of this habit, iOS 12 has a solution for you.

It came with the screen time feature, and enable you to track the time you invest in every application the whole day. It gives you the conclusion where your precious time spent. Once you get the idea and know which is the culprit app, you can lock it down. Additionally, you can fix the number of hours you wish to spend on. Isn’t it a helpful feature?

2) Memoji Customization

With the great success of animoji, this time Apple is available with Memoji. The tech Giant uses TrueDepth scanning technology that makes Memoji way better than animals playing creatively.

With Memoji, you will be able to share animated versions of your real face for texts and photos. Isn’t it amazing? Apple through its professional application development services begins to make most of Face ID.

3) Customized Group Notifications

Is there anybody that handles too many alerts and notifications easily? And especially when group notifications begin to pop up from those 8-10 WhatsApp groups, etc.

Many of us feel annoyed by those alerts and notifications. A new version of iOS comes with a new group notification feature which clubbed all the notification from one app without cluttering a phone’s screen. Sounds clean. Right?

4) AR Measure App

With iOS 12, we can see a small but significant use of AR technology. Apple offers a new AR measure app that conjointly works with camera and measures the size of any of the nearby objects. Now you can call your carpenter and order the cupboard or the bed or else you want without having to measure it.

The ios application development companies are betting on this innovation, thus the time is not so far when we will have more AR-based apps in the Apple Store.

5) In-built Thesaurus

Many may wouldn’t find inbuilt thesaurus an exciting innovation to use this feature. But it could be an excellent feature for people who are in the writing profession or those who like using and learning new words.

A thesaurus will be in-built, you no longer require to open a new tab on the web to find a better word. Apple device now looks up the option and show better word the used word.

Advanced Features of iOS 12

6) Bedtime DND Mode

Those who like to get control over their mobile instead of losing themselves in control of a mobile device will love bedtime DND mode. Once it is available within your device, you can avoid every disturbance for peaceful sleep time. Apple’ iOS 12 brings the night mode.

Yes, we can activate the feature, and it will automatically dim the screen’s brightness for sleeping hours. Moreover, it presents notifications to pop up on the screen until the sleep time.

7) Voice Memos App

The straightforward structure of the voice memos continues as before with a bulk of added functionality. You can record a voice memo as you were doing, but now you can cut the sound in the middle, add new sounds, and replace the sounds.

The additional element is that the essential voice memos can likewise be transported in the Garage band.

8) Live Listen With AirPods

The Handy wireless AirPods are now a significant hit. It influences the music too, but now with the Live Listen feature, you can likewise approach over how you can tune in to the voices around you.

9) Animated Activity Sticker Messages

With the integration of iOS 12, you can send animated stickers identifying your action as text to your friends and relatives or whoever you are conversing with.

10) Favicons in Safari

Favicons are essentially the little icons that are set beside a website name in the browser. During the time when there are such a large number of tabs opened, chances are there you lose yourself in the surge of tabs. Favicons in the safari would make it simple for you to recognize the tab you need to get to.

The features have been astonishing, and it will be all the more amazing when you get iOS 12 in your device, and you begin utilizing it.


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