Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO Warns about ‘ Data Industrial Complex’

By Shiva Gaur | October 25, 2018 | 464 Views

The CEO of Apple raised his concern and warned people about the data being weaponized against societies. He also said, “the trade in Digital data has been used in a wrong direction into a ‘data industrial complex’ ”.


Although he didn’t point on the adtech elephants in the room such as Google and Facebook, he told the people how these harmless and scraps of data are being used to assembled, synthesized, traded, and sold to harm the common man.


Cook ‘s keynote speech at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) took place at European Parliament Hemicycle in Brussels.


He also discussed what he feels about AI. He said, “ AI is one field that he thinks about a lot but he added that making the right use of it is of extreme importance’ collecting huge information and personal profiles is laziness, not efficiency”.


The dangers of AI are profound, therefore, we need to think about privacy measures as well. It is not just a possibility, it is a huge responsibility.


He also said, “ Apple is in full support of comprehensive, federal privacy law in the U.S. Cook also argued for a U.S. privacy law to prioritize certain things:


Data Minimization: Companies need to identify customer data in the first place. “Right to have personal data minimized”.


Transparency: “Right to knowledge”. It means users should know every detail that is being collected from them by the companies so that they can understand its legitimacy.


The Right to Access: Companies should help users to avail the copy of their information to keep things transparent and clear enough. They should understand that data belongs to users and they can access it anytime, anywhere whenever required.


The Right to Security: Cook said, “ Security is the major concern and every individual must have the privacy rights to secure his/her data”.


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