The Ultimate Android App Launch Checklist

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May 22, 2016 | 1325 Views

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App development is just the beginning of the story as it is the phase of app launch that takes bucket loads of tasks to tackle that is more challenging. It involves a lot of time and serious commitment, thus it must be taken carefully otherwise it can cause deleterious effects to overall efforts and can ruin the app marketing plan.

Hence, when you need to publish your apps on the Google Play Store and distribute them to users, move on with the checklist. An app launch checklist will enable you to handle the tasks in sequence and ensure the apps’ success. You can check off the following points as your


Checklist Before Launching The App

1. Understand the publishing process:

Once you begin to publish your app on the Google Play Store, it is must and important to understand the whole publishing workflow. Becoming familiar with the overall process enables developers to prepare apps for release with features and standards required for all Android apps.

2. Understand Google Play Policies and Agreements

Read and get familiar with Google Play program policies that you will need to accept when registering your app. Make sure you understand the terms as Google actively enforces the policies and any violations may lead to suspension of apps as well as the termination of developer account in case of repeated violations.

3. Test for Quality

Google provides Core App Quality guidelines that include information on the characteristics your apps should exhibit. It is significant that your app meets the basic quality expectations for all Android apps, on all of the devices that you are targeting.

4. Determine your App’s Content Rating

Before publishing your app on Google Play, you would require to confirm a content rating level for your app. This way, you inform the Google Play users about the maturity level of your app. The available content rating levels are:

  • Everyone
  • Low Maturity
  • Medium Maturity
  • High Maturity

Google play filters apps based on the setting content rating that affects the app’s distribution to users. Android users can set the desired maturity level for your app for browsing.

5. Determine Country Distribution

Google has the widest reach in the world. With your target countries in mind, you can restrict your app’s distribution to countries and territories keeping in view your potential customers. You can assess your localization needs, both in your apps and in their Google Play listing details.

6. Confirm the App’s Overall Size

The size of the app has a significant impact on its design as well as publishing on Google Play. The maximum size of an APK published on Google Play is 100 MB.

If your app size exceeds this standard or if you want to offer a secondary download, use APK Expansion Files that Google hosts for free on its server infrastructure. It is convenient and cost-effective to distribute large apps with APK Expansion files.

7. Confirm the App’s Platform and Screen Compatibility Ranges

Your prime concern while launching your app has to ensure that it runs properly and looks good on the range of screen sizes and pixel densities that you wish to support.

To make sure that your apps are designed on the parameters that it will run properly on the Android platform versions and device screen sizes, you can follow the advice provided in Supporting Multiple Screens to give scalable support for multiple screen sizes.

8. Decide Whether Your App will be Free or Paid

It is imperative that you decide whether apps will be free or paid before launching on Google Play. Once you publish an app as a free app, you cannot change it to being a paid app.

If you publish your app as a paid app, you are allowed to change it into a free app at any time but cannot then change it back to paid.

If you want your android app launch sound and secure, keep in mind the above-mentioned points. If you are using other strategies or have more important points that you consider while the android app launch, share them with our readers via your comments below.

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