Taxi Booking Apps: An Overview Of Things to Consider For Successful Plan

Posted by ongraph · February 25, 2020 · 7 Min read

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It goes without saying that almost every other company in today’s time is focusing on having a great mobile application to flourish their business further. Well, the use of mobile apps is not just limited to traditional businesses but in fact, they have found their well-deserved place and use in almost all industries. No matter whether small-scale or medium-sized, all kinds of businesses are looking forward to developing a mobile app and one such business venture which is being highlighted these days is the Taxi Booking Apps Services. 

Today, luxury has become a necessity for each one of us. Owing to this fact, many people (who cannot afford cars but need them from time to time) are opting for rental cars or taxis to go on vacations, attend events or even for their day to day business travel. 

As a result of this growing demand, taxi booking services have gained immense popularity and doesn’t seem to be going out of business at any time in the near future! And so, these businesses are looking for a robust and scalable taxi booking mobile app for their users. 

After the revolution that Uber has brought in the taxi-booking app industry, other businesses in the industry have now started to adopt a similar business strategy and are investing in engaging and fully-functional mobile app development for increased adoption and profitability. 

Taxi booking services have been in high demand over the past few years. Recent stats clearly demonstrate a win-win situation for taxi service startups and established businesses. Let’s have a look at it in detail:

Taxi-Booking Mobile App Market Overview 

The market for taxi booking mobile applications has elevated significantly in the past few years. Apps like Uber, Lyft, and Ola currently hold the major share of the taxi services market worldwide. Other players are slowly finding their niche markets to provide services at par with leading players.

  • In 2017, taxi booking apps occupied a notable taxi market share of over 40%.
  • According to Statista reports, taxi service revenues in the U.S. are expected to reach 2.81 billion dollars by 2020.                                                       


  • Furthermore, by 2024, the taxi market worldwide is expected to mark a compound annual growth rate of about 9.22%.

Now, if you combine this data with the existing trend in the mobile economy, you can easily get the idea of how much your business can benefit from developing a taxi booking app if you are in the taxi service providing business. 

Moreover, the fact that the development itself doesn’t require many resources and a high ROI is assured, is even more appealing. Isn’t it?

So, here we discuss the top features that must be considered while building a top-rated taxi booking mobile application and the basic framework that will allow a taxi service business to become even more successful. 

Key Features In A Taxi Booking App 


The app should include a feature to show available taxi types such as mini cars, sedan, SUV, etc along with the estimated amount they will need to pay for booking each ride. This way, when a user tries to book a taxi for a short distance travel or for a number of days for an outstation destination, he/she will be able to choose between the taxi types in their budget.  

-Taxi Booking:

This feature should be made easy and user-friendly. Booking a taxi for a local or distance travel should be simple and hassle-free. For instance, the user should enter the basic details including pickup location, destination, and the number of hours or days they need the taxi for in case of outstation travel and then by simply clicking on the ‘book now’ option the user should be able to complete the booking.  

-Real-Time Tracking:

The user should be able to track the taxi and its location on a map in real-time. This real-time map view would help them to know the total time the taxi will take to reach the location and along with an estimated time of arrival at the destination. The user will be able to track the taxi and whether it is traveling in the right direction for pickup and during the travel. Along with real-time tracking, users should also be able to see other taxi-related details such as taxi type, number, etc. to spot the taxi on pickup point easily.

-Map Points:

The app should offer map points to edit/add multiple locations to the planned journey in case the user needs to make a stop by when on a trip. It will help them identify the key areas without help. 

-Driver Information:

For short-distance travel the driver information such as name, ratings, and trips completed should show up on the tracking map as well as on the ride details page. For long-distance and outstation travel, users should be able to book a driver based on their preferences such as gender, experience, review-rating, etc. Integrating this feature will allow users to look into the driver profiles and reviews in detail before selecting the one they feel has a good track record.

-GPS Tracking:

Integrating the feature of GPS in your app is very important, even if you are assigning the drivers. Other than the real-time location tracking and suggesting better routes to the drivers, this feature also helps in ensuring the safety of the user as they can share their current location along with itenary with their friends and family and also with the Admin. The drivers can also make the journey more convenient by easily finding the user pick up location. 

-Promo Codes & Offers:

Providing the promo codes and offers quite frequently encourages users to use your service more often. It keeps the users engaged and they stay loyal to your service. Undoubtedly users prefer to take the services that they get to avail at low cost and so, presenting them with some discounts and offers on a regular basis increases user retention. 

-Easy Payments:

Integrating multiple payment options such as paying with eWallet, net banking, credit/debit cards, and other popular payment apps benefits taxi apps in many ways. These options facilitate easy and quick payment alternatives to users without having to switch apps. The notification of payment received should be sent to both parties so that the amount can be tracked easily. Users appreciate such transparent payment systems that keep them away from all the payment related hassles. 

-Cost Calculator:

This feature is specifically useful for long-distance travel bookings. It allows the user to calculate the estimated amount they will have to pay for the journey. The user can enter the destination, the time and date of travel as well as the date of return if applicable. The calculator will take into account these details and will accordingly provide an approximate estimate of the expense. 

The Cost Estimation

The cost of developing a taxi booking app will depend on the complexity of the app and features to be integrated or services that you wish to implement in the mobile application. 

A vigorous and sophisticated taxi booking app will go through the following development phases:

Design ~ 50-80 hours 

User panel development ~ 350-400 hours per platform

API development ~ 90-120 hours

Admin Panel ~ 130-190 hours 

In total, it can cost nearly $12000-$15000 to build a user-friendly and highly engaging taxi booking app with the above-mentioned features. In case you wish to develop an app for both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS along with some advanced and sound technical features, the cost will ramp up to $35,000-$40,000. The development time, in that case, will also increase to 250 – 350 hours. 

Final Thought

The taxi services business is booming and so are user expectations. Therefore its crucial for businesses in the taxi services industry to provide a great solution that not only lives up to user expectations but is also futuristic in its approach and scalability. There are a number of good features that are required to be incorporated in order to make such a solution user-friendly and engaging at the same time

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