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Posted by Alka Singh · April 6, 2020 · 12 Min read

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In today’s time, we don’t start our mornings until we check all the notification pop ups of our favourite social network application. Our mornings start scrolling through Facebook feeds, reading headlines on News Apps, replying texts on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Skype.

Today’s lives highly depend on online communication, information sharing and networking. People around the world spend around 4-5 hours a day on social network apps and many research proved it too.

Just take a look at the number of active users of the most popular mobile messaging apps across the US.

Perhaps you understand social network apps the kind of applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and sharing posts, likes, comments and send private text to your contacts.

However, social media application have moved beyond its contour and shaping opportunities more than comment, share and communicate.

Before we initiate a talk about developing social network apps, lets understand social network app by definition.

What is a Social Network Application?

Though, social network apps don’t need an introduction or definition, but here we go “ social network apps or websites are digital platforms to socialize and exchange various types of content such as text, photos, and videos while facilitating real-world activities such as likes, comments and messaging.”

How To Create A Social Network App?

If you are planning to develop a social media app, follow these steps below:

Step 1 – Choose the type of your future social media app

Step 2 – Get acquainted with the main reasons to create social network app

Step 3 – Follow 5 steps to start a social media business

Step 4 – Build an MVP of social media app

Step 5 – Keep up with the main trends to enhance your social networking app

Step 6 – Choose your way to attract users to your social media app

Types Of Social Network App

When you plan to build a social network application development, it is important to define the type of your app in advance. It helps you address your target audience and that further assists you define the most appropriate feature of your social app.

Here are top 10 social platforms and respective active users of the platforms:

But gone are the days when Facebook and Twitter dominated the social media platforms. Since the things have gone to mobile, there emerged several social media application and touching the new skies of success in their businesses such as TikTok

If you want to develop an app like TikTok, check this blog post

There are tons of social networking apps available to download for free. And these apps come with several amazing features and services.

Let’s understand several types of social network application and how they have sustained success in the competitive market.

News Apps: News websites get serious competition and it’s not a surprise because social networks are the fastest way to access information. Then came news apps for mobile phones and people started reading news in their smartphones. Now is the time for videos and live video streaming.

News Apps are also a strong social platform in terms of traffic and user engagement. Thus, news apps as a networking platform must be interesting for users.

Social Blogging Apps: Blogging is one of the best ways to express thoughts, emotions and consent for a thing one believes. And to do so, one must get the convenience to write when they want, where they want and how they want. What could be better than a mobile app that provides 24×7 opportunity to write thoughts and share  with the world. Medium is one such blogging based social networking app one can get inspiration.

Instant Messaging:

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Telegram are world popular instant messaging apps. The influence of instant messaging has dragged businesses to join these platforms. The massive use of instant messaging bound businesses to evolve their customer service strategies around these platform and ensure real-time and seamless communication with consumers through instant messaging.

For example: WhatsApp offers an opportunity to set-up a business account for individuals and a complete business profiles for well-known business. Nyka – India’s beauty and cosmetic brand now send details like invoices, shipment, delivery and other things directly on customer’s whatsapp account.

Alike, an entertainment and ticket booking app BookMyShow send tickets on customer’s whatsapp with digital barcode that they can get scanned at entry point. No more paper print outs, complete digital experience bring convenience to customer’s life as well as businesses operations.

Lifestyle Apps:

Fashion, movies, dining, fitness, dating, travel, leisure and sports are the activities that make life interesting and drive to keep going and doing. Mobile apps such as Foursquare for travel, Fitbit for fitness freaks, My Diet Coach to count your eating habits, Sleep Cycle to ensure you get enough sleep, Health Tap to tap your heart rate and other support, SkyScanner that give you alerts on cheap flight fares for your preferred location. The app stores are flooded with lifestyle apps, still there are scope for new ones that can help meet their changing requirement in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Entertainment Social Media Apps:

Earlier young generations got fond of entertainment and social media apps such as live streaming apps, dating apps, media sharing apps, and so on. But then it took up surge among different market segments. Even matrimony apps are available dedicated to divorcess only. The market with innovative apps are trying to touch and transform lives of people of every segment and creed.

Business Focused Social Interaction Apps:

LinkedIn, Skype, Trello, Jira and so on are top social apps widely used by business professionals for secure and fast communication as well as project management.

This type of apps though not as interesting as Facebook or dating apps or other types of apps due to serving specific goals. But people who are looking for jobs or sales leads across the world are in die-hard need of such platforms that provide exposure, support collaboration and communication.

Finding Your Business Idea And Defining Your Strategy To Develop Social Network Application

Before you start looking for application developers for your social media app type, here are 5 tips for you to help you simplify your journey:

1. Define Your Target Audience

Once you define your most appropriate audience, you can research what those people are looking and what they are interested more in. Understand target audience and their needs help you give a good start to your mobile application.

2. Keep Your Marketing-Strategy Handy

The chances are very low that you got a 100% unique idea for app development. Software industry has touched almost every sphere of life, and so chances are high that there is already a competitive app available in the market. But not to stress out. Build your own marketing-strategy and keep it handy while giving shape to your application.

3. Focus On Key Aspects Initially

Remember how Instagram evolved? The popular photo and video sharing social networking app was first released for iOS. After lots of testing and innovations around implementing features, traffic-generation and user engagement within the platform, Instagram was released fon Android after 2 years besides iOS.

You can also define key aspects initially. It could be cost, MVP, releasing native app specific for Android or iOS or hybrid approach or anything else you think significant as per your marketing strategy.

4. Keep UI/UX Simple

Engagement matters on an application. Initially no one login into your app to tell you how your app is working. They’ll try the app to check features, and look for something else they don’t find on other apps. Therefore, try to keep UI/UX simple yet engaging. And intuitive and easy to navigate apps also helps you leave a mark on the user’s mind.

5. Be Diligent To Boost The App

Once your application gets ready and you decide to make money from your application, it is important to approach it with a few tactical methods to succeed in the promotion. Have a place ready such as SEO strategy that gets the app on the top list of search engine and play stores, lead generation through developing landing page for your product and also selecting an attractive brand name to get market recognition.

Top Features of an MVP Development

We have already discussed social applications can be of many types, hence different focused target audience so as application features.

Still, some features remain unchanged for every app. The application needs that to recognize every user and deliver him/her personalized experience every time they logged-in. So, here are the features you should consider for developing MVP of social network app:

User Profile: User Profile helps app’s users to personalize their social profile such as connect/follow/subscribe to like-minded people and maintain privacy as they wish for. It also makes their profile more credible and approachable on your platform. Having user data such as personal interests and preferences also help you personalize experience for better user engagement.

Search: With a number of profiles and multiple features, social apps allow users to do a lot of activities of interest online. Henceforth, it is not possible to find something/someone without a search bar. It must be in your app as default.

News feed: People love consuming content online. Your app must make the user’s actions visible to followers in news feed. It helps users stay engaged with friends and followers and ignite communication through features like, comments and interaction mediums.

Messaging: People join social sites to meet new people and chat with them. Chatting is an integral part of social apps. So, your app should have a messaging window along high-end security settings. Let the users decide and customize settings for better chatting experience.

Media files sharing: People today use emojis, photos and videos to communicate rather than text. Your app must facilitate multimedia file sharing in messaging as well as in status/post updates.

Push Notifications: Push notifications work like gluing users to your app. It simplifies sending an update to users about a new post, a new message or activities other users are engaged within. The advantage of using push notification is an app can send alert to users even when the app is closed.

Invitations: Social app’s growth highly depends on the growth of communities developed on the app. And to increase the community’s growth, you must provide users an option to ‘request to join’ a community or simply ‘send invitation’ to somebody to join his/her network as a friend.

Trends to Enhance Your App

Basic features as quoted above are truly basic components of an application. You need more than attractive features and intuitive UI/UX to your app to stay competitive and sustain successes for long term.

Here we list down some of the amazing trends buzzing around the world. Think about how you can integrate few of them with your social networking application and can make them more crowd-pleasing.

In-app payments: Social commerce is one of the fastest growing trends for social app optimization and online shopping together.

WhatsApp already launched P2P payments recently. Instagram, photo and video sharing social app, has also tested the ability to shop in-app and now users can make direct purchases on the platform from selected brands, including Adidas, KKW Beauty, Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and many others.

Marketplace: In the business world, companies have to take their products/services among people instead waiting for them to find you. Social media and networking platforms are digital destinations where people are and spending most of their time in a day. Hence, social apps have become a new destination for commerce. Facebook has already included a marketplace and many other apps provide shoppable advertisements.

VR/AR: AR and VR now need no more introduction. These technologies are very popular already and businesses are testing use-cases to integrate it within their apps brilliantly. AR and VR modify the images and videos into more interactive and engaging posts. Although developing features around AR and VR is higher, in turn it helps multiple revenue.

Live Streaming: Like video streaming adds a human touch to social posts that text, pictures and edited videos can’t compete. Live streaming helps build authority and credibility to the post as well as context. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn – being a business focused networking app, provides live video streaming.

An increasing number of brands are designing and adjusting their strategies around these impeccable trends becoming popular with social network applications. Get insight of these trends and try to integrate these trends in your app. Moreover, you can do it later after you release an app with MVP. If users accept your new app, you’d better modify it further.

Our Expertise In Social Network App Development

Beneath, I listed just a couple of social media projects we built for our clients.

AllChat: AllChat is a one-stop globalized & creative chat based smart mobile application that connects community builder, facilitates creative marketplace, supports multiple payment options and more.

Preloved: Preloved is an Indian shop to sell and buy second-hand luxury items. It’s easy here to find the right seller and buyer for your products. Compared to other places, here rates are reasonable.

Ready To Build Your Social Network Application?

Our clients get full assistance with building and launching their social media projects. Fill in this short contact form and our managers will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions and estimate the time and cost of your project at no charge.

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