Smart Glasses are making a comeback

By Shiva Gaur
August 2, 2019 | 1273 Views

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Technology is improving day-by-day, thus, it becomes important to stay updated with the latest products build using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation(RPA).

Did you know that smart glasses are being developed?

It’s difficult to believe how far our imaginations have evolved. Smart glass concept is going to get released soon after several trials. 

It’s not just for security but also for several other reasons. Let’s find out what are those reasons?

1. Training

Smart glasses are being explored for use in training sessions as well. 

When was the last time you went to the gym without your huge unbreathable headset?

Smart glasses can make your training sessions more focused and entertaining. You can listen to music and get real-time information about your sessions using these smart glasses. 

2. Voice Commands

Another interesting thing planned for smart glasses is voice commands. Imagine answering calls without even lifting your finger, now that would be a scene from a science fiction movie.

The integration of voice recognition capability into smart glasses is making this possible. It can enable you to control your music, schedule events, search the web, and get turn-by-turn navigation, all through voice commands.

3. Entertainment

Gaming is one of the options, smart glasses are also going to save you on other things such as television. Pull your chair and start watching your favorite HD movie in a 3D format.

Entertainment including techs like VR is accessible anytime using smart glasses. You can roam around your home and get the thrill in your very own virtual playground. You don’t need any device or need not stick to your PC to explore the endless possibilities of the VR gaming world.

4. Facial Recognition

Apart from unlocking your phone, facial recognition is becoming the norm in public spaces be it railway stations, sports stadiums, or to spot violent criminals in crowds.

To keep up with that norm, new hardware formats like smart glasses are being developed making the technology ubiquitous.

This will enable law enforcement and private security to recognize suspicious citizens and travelers in a matter of seconds.

Technology Behind Smart Glasses: Facial Recognition

The glasses are made by American company Vuzix with the contribution of Dubai-based firm NNTC who is providing the facial recognition algorithms and packaging the final product. NNTC claims that the glasses are capable of detecting faces in less than a second. 

The technology used behind these glasses is the iFalcon Face Control Mobile by NNTC. These AR glasses have an 8-megapixel camera embedded in its frame that allows the wearer to scan and compare faces with a database of 1 million images. 

NNTC rate their facial algorithm among the top three in the US government’s Face Recognition Vendor Test. It is capable of detecting the face in less than a second and can detect up to 15 faces per frame per second. Yet, these algorithms may vary.

The technology is best for law enforcement agencies that can adopt facial algorithms and use them in public spaces with less hassle and fewer distractions. 

About the Limitations

Privacy and civil rights associated with facial recognition has limited the public access to smart glasses. It can also lead to false arrests and imprisonment if not used properly. 

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