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PostgreSQL is one of the widely used object-relational database management systems. Owning significant features and functionalities, this database server becomes the core of several business organizations. Being abreast in modern technologies, OnGraph has updated itself with the experts having great command over PostgreSQL database development and deployment. Database solutions are one of our core practices. We build our services around your business so that your organization can experience increased performance and stability.

We are backed by a great team who assist you from query turning, performance & SAN setup, server development and business value translation. We practice only proven delivery model and top-notch experience that ensures OnGraph will remain the database experts on demand you desire.

OnGraph is focused on data management and business intelligence, hence come up with a wide range of solutions ranging from application development, modernization and as well as database support. From managed services and consulting, to projects, and 24x7 operational support, OnGraph keeps you and your data covered.

Complete PostgreSQL Services and Solutions

01/ . 06 Easy to Use:

Since we thoroughly optimized your PostgreSQL database servers, we also make sure it has a user-friendly interface to ensure an easy access.Our assistance deliver harmonized business processes for managing individual accounts.

02/ . 06 Best in Class PostgreSQL Tools

Driven by evolving technologies, OnGraph makes sure you always use the very latest PostgreSQL features. Hence, we provide PostgreSQL major versions 9.5, 9.6 and 10 and align other advanced tools within your solution.

03/ . 06 Data Continuity

Our diligent professionals optimized PostgreSQL database for your business that assists you without slowing down the server. You can focus on the core of your business without stressing your production system.

04/ . 06 Multi-layered Security

At OnGraph, we make sure you experience your data is always encrypted whether it's being transferred or when it's at rest on disk. We ensure greater flexibility along with faster operations.

05/ . 06 Backup and Recovery

You get capability with PostgreSQL server to restore your data to any point in time. We provide point-in-time-recovery in our service plan while making platform a friendly process for you. We provide point-in- time-recovery.

06/ . 06 Technical Support Straight from The Source:

OnGraph takes great pride in assisting you with highly fault-resilient database services with automated recovery in case of system failures. We are available for end-to-end services and support for any outage and emergency maintenance.

  • Language

    Perl, Python and Tcl
  • Framework

    MySQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB
  • Databases

  • Scripting

    SQL and C
  • Server

    Debian GNU/Linux 9.x, Salzburg, Austria

Why PostgreSQL is best framework for you?

PostgreSQL is one of the popular database server used by top 100 companies in the world. PostgreSQL claimed to be the most advanced open-source object-relational database management system that focuses on extensibility and standards compliance following ANSI- SQL:2008 and is fully ACID compliant. This stable database technology also supports a wide variety of data types such as JSON, GIS objects, etc. It provides simple custom design and procedure capability to developers. Additionally, it can be plug into a wide variety of languages such as C/C++, Java, .Net, Python, Ruby and others. It is easy to carve a powerful, flexible, feature-rich designs within budget. Following are some of the promient companies using this technology

  • Technology
  • Technology
  • Technology

Client CaseStudies

We have helped more than 400+ companies increase their customer loyalty and ROI. Take a look at our selected expert work and the results delivered so far.



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Flexible Engagement Models

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Yes, you will. All project works created by your dedicated developers are considered “work made for hire” and the intellectual property rights embodied in it are your sole and exclusive property after you have cleared all dues as part of contract.

Yes, Each project we develop, has minimum free support hours/days post launch of project. After free support, we have amazing affordable support plans to upgrade and support applications as long as you want.

OnGraph’s developers are determined to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We focus upon being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Yes, your hired developers are like all other regular employees and will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicated to your project only. All their leaves and absence will be processed with your consent only.

Yes, We also offer working in non-standard times and other time zones depending on client’s need. For such cases we need to be informed of such requirement prior to start of engagement. Usually, our engineers work in Indian Standard Time (+0530 UTC). OnGraph also provides flexibility to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient to you. As we are available at all the best possible communication channels, communication with all our overseas customers has rarely been a challenge.

Yes, We can help you scale up and scale down team as your business needs. With-in 2 weeks of providing information, we can ramp-up team as per your needs.

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