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Conversational Bots Lets personalise your conversations with your customers

OnGraph team always ahead of techology curve and developing new interfaces for internal and clients globally. We adopted conversational interfaces since begining and rolled out intelligent voice and chat bots powered by AI self learning algorithims. They understand natual laguages and can be deployed on your websites, mobile apps or Alexa or FB or Google Home. Lets come closer to your customers and personalise your brand experience. OnGraph team can help you build quick proof of concepts or full fledged applications. Talk to an expert today.

  • Interface Requirement Analysis
  • Interface Strategy, Consulting and Platform Selection
  • Interface Development
  • Interface Training and Maintenance

Deploy Anywhere Add A Chat or Voice-Enabled AI To Anything

Your bots can go wherever your consumers are. Ongraph can deploy them on the channels that you involve your customers [FaceBook Messenger, Kik, Line, Skype, Twitter, SMS, WeChat, or enterprise channels or on voice platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana etc. We expertise on building beskope bots for your brands and deploy them to your choice of platforms. Talk to our strategist today.

  • Deployment Strategy and Consulting
  • Deployment Platform Selection
  • Managed Bots Deployment to Platforms
  • Governance and Monitoring

Intent & Behavior Models Creating Custom Recognition Models

OnGraphe expertise on creating bespoke bots which miimcs human behaviours. Our conversation engine manages the user requests through various behavior handlers that check for tone, language, and intent. Bots can then get back with appropriate human-like responses. We can analyise and understand your business queries and needs and develop a conversational engine for your bots.

  • Users Conversations Analysis
  • Brand Strategy and Research
  • Conversational Engine Models and Development
  • Engine Enhancements and Maintenance

Industry Domain Handlers Bring domain expertise to your conversational bots

Ongraph Bots can manage linguistic, colloquial and domain-specific context for several industries (Banking, Telco, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, etc.) to achieve a more significant response. We can equip the Bots by operating them through industry-specific domain handlers and train them to domain expertise and specific business languages. Our team will collaborate with your business team to design a knowledgeable conversational interface for your specific business use cases. Evaluate how we can help you stay ahead of your competition?

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Industry Intelligence and Collaboration
  • Trainable Domain Handler Development
  • Integration, Maintenance and Suppport

Multi-language API support Act-On The Voice Of Your Customer

We support multiple languages. Your bot can speak the language of your customers. So your bot will always be ready as your business reaches new markets.We built bots on Alexa , Google Home and Microsoft Cortana which understand your users local languages and respond to them accordingly. We help you build these skills on respective platforms and help you innovate technologically.

  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Cloud Data Storage & Learning
  • Multilingual Text to Speech
  • Custom Trigger Phrase

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