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Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Over the last several years, OnGraph ’s experts Laravel developers have developed top-class applications using this sophisticated framework for startups and enterprises only on the latest Laravel versions i.e 2 and 5.

  • Agile Process for 100% Satisfaction

    OnGraph is the top Laravel Application Development Company and supports the agile, scalable and reliable development process. The offered Laravel Application Development Service includes website solutions, which exactly fits your purpose simply due to developer’s years of experience of building a website using simple code syntax. Whether we approach the project from scratch or migrate the code, we keep Laravel web development process in sync with agile and always come up with each project unique in its way.

    Agile Process for 100% Satisfaction
  • World Class Team - Handpicked for you

    We handpicked our engineers from top engineering colleges and train them before they work on client projects. We are proud to have top 5% talent working with us with less than 2% attrition. You can check our work here.

    World Class Team - Handpicked for you
  • Tech Partner - You need

    OnGraph team has 25+ full stack developers and delivered 700+ applications globally. Hire Laravel framework developer who is proficient in working in one or more areas, i.e., specification writing, clickable prototypes, scalable architecture, agile development, and deployment. Team designs scalable application architecture follows Test Driven Development (TDD) and implements best practices in Laravel application development. OnGraph has expertise in following skill sets.

    Tech Partner - You need

CompleteServices and Solutions

01/ . 06 Consulting and Strategy

Hire Laravel consultant and embrace the framework that can address all sorts of project’s need. Our consulting and strategy services provided by industry professionals who help us customize all your requirements skillfully.

02/ . 06 App Development

With our proficient developers and experts, we help you develop your app using this advanced framework. Hire Laravel Programmers who help you successfully rendered complex, multi-tier software for various industries.

03/ . 06 API Services Development

Our team of Offshore Laravel Programmers has 10,000+ hours of project experience on several projects on this framework. We employ that expertise and experience to expose stateless Rest APIs from Laravel Apps.

04/ . 06 App Integrations

Being the pioneer Laravel Development Company, we help you integrate your apps with 3rd party applications. Our full-stack solutions are rendered only by the industry experts that bring complete peace of mind.

05/ . 06 App Support

With in-depth knowledge of Laravel's architecture and technology, we help you maintain and enhance your project through Laravel development services. We push our limits to meet your specific business needs.

06/ . 06 App Upgrade

We help you upgrade your App to latest versions. As the Top Laravel App Development Company, we assist you with the expertise to build complex applications with reusable components that ensure a quick turnaround.

  • Language

  • Framework

    Laravel 5.4.22
  • Databases

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Scripting

  • Server

    Apache, Nginx
  • DevOps


Why Laravel is best framework for you?

Laravel is a web application framework based on PHP; it is one the most scalable, interactive, and dynamic development solution. The framework follows MVC pattern, which makes this technology stand higher among others. This open-source and expressive framework helps in developing high-end and robust web applications. The framework also reduces the burden of developers as it promotes simple syntax and hassle-free coding environment. The framework is best to use for following applications:

  • Technology
  • Technology
  • Technology
  • Technology
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Marketplaces
  • Health and Hospital
  • MEducation Platforms
  • Construction
  • Online communities

Client CaseStudies

We have helped more than 400+ companies increase their customer loyalty and ROI. Take a look at our selected expert work and the results delivered so far.

On Demand Services

On Demand Services

Diem an on-the-go solution in the on-demand world


NodeJs | Express js | MEAN | SWIFT, Android, iOS SDK, Android SDK | Firebase

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Track My Pocket

Track My Pocket

All-in-one blockchain based messaging and social commerce application


#Spring #Hibernate #MySQL #Java

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An all-inclusive J2EE based application developed for Real Estate professionals


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Flexible Engagement Models

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Yes, you will. All project works created by your dedicated developers are considered “work made for hire” and the intellectual property rights embodied in it are your sole and exclusive property after you have cleared all dues as part of contract.

Yes, Each project we develop, has minimum free support hours/days post launch of project. After free support, we have amazing affordable support plans to upgrade and support applications as long as you want.

OnGraph’s developers are determined to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We focus upon being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Yes, your hired developers are like all other regular employees and will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicated to your project only. All their leaves and absence will be processed with your consent only.

Yes, We also offer working in non-standard times and other time zones depending on client’s need. For such cases we need to be informed of such requirement prior to start of engagement. Usually, our engineers work in Indian Standard Time (+0530 UTC). OnGraph also provides flexibility to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient to you. As we are available at all the best possible communication channels, communication with all our overseas customers has rarely been a challenge.

Yes, We can help you scale up and scale down team as your business needs. With-in 2 weeks of providing information, we can ramp-up team as per your needs.

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