What is Grails web development?

Grails, one of the most powerful rapid application development (RAD) frameworks, brings agility and robustness with a shorter lead time for application development. This helps to rush MVP quickly out in the market and lessen market risk.

OnGraph is a global leader in Grails development and has helped many start-ups build mission-critical applications on Grails. Using Grails development capabilities, we have developed SaaS products, video portals, live-streaming applications, analytics engines, e-commerce sites & marketplaces.

Why choose Grails for app development?

Grails outstands other web application frameworks and that’s the reason it is used by the world’s leading companies to develop their software products.

Based on Groovy language

Groovy code is much more concise, expressive and DRY than Java code, which means there are fewer lines of code, which translates to much higher developer productivity and less code to maintain.

Responsive and supportive community

Grails is not only about technology, it has a very responsive and supporting community.

There is hardly any question that doesn’t get answered on the mailing list.


GORM provides a very easy-to-use and flexible layer over Hibernate and few other non-relational Data Sources.

This makes it extremely easy to talk to any GORM supported Data Source.

Easy to get started

It is very easy for a Java developer to get started with using Grails, and start experiencing the joy of web application development with Groovy and Grails.

Domain Centric approach

Grails puts domain classes at the centre of the application, which in our opinion is a very good thing.

Standard Project template

Grails projects are easier to maintain because of the naming conventions and standard project structure.

Conventions and standards make it very easy for new developers to quickly get familiar with the code and get started.


Scaffolding utilities provided by Grails is a great advantage when building prototypes to validate the idea, or to build Admin interfaces.

Testing support

Grails promotes testing and provides utilities to make testing easier — from low-level unit tests to high-level functional tests.

Our Grails offerings

We provide Grails consulting and development services to build highly robust, scalable, and secure applications.:


Grails Web Development

Web application development with Groovy and Grails gives you awesome reactive web applications that seamlessly combine with Java and additional libraries. Any web-based application like SaaS, E-commerce, Web 2.0 products, Social networks, etc., we can customize as per your business needs.


Grails Migration

When you outsource Groovy Grails development, our experts help you improve legacy products and migrate applications built on PHP, Rails and Java/J2EE to this framework & strategic platform. To transform your current IT systems and applications, we are here to help you. You can hire Grails developers anytime.


Grails Outsourcing

We have widespread experience as one of the most favoured outsourcing destinations remitting value to global clients across varied industries. We cater to a wide variety of web application development with Groovy and Grails that perfectly fits the client’s specific needs.


Grails Upgrade Support

We provide upgrade service, especially on the latest framework version 4.0, that retains your application updated to the latest version thus, enhancing productivity and performance. We have a dedicated team of programmers who help us offer comprehensive offshore Groovy Grails development.


Grails Consulting

Why not hire Grails developers that are exceptional and passionate, too. Our team looks at every aspect you need, be it product definition, design, and architecture of existing code base or technology stack, performance, and security.


Grails Debugging & Support

Frontend development requires continuous bug resolutions and associated support to take care of ever-changing browser and mobile configurations. Being the best Grails development company, we have the industry’s best team, who can adeptly take care of your business requirements.

Why choose OnGraph for Grails web app development?

Responsible Team

Building relationships is our priority. We take responsibility for your project and deliver results.

Agile Procedure

We work on the Agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods and delivering the finest results.

Dedicated Teams

We have a dedicated team of Grails developers who are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions on several frameworks and technologies.

Flexible Engagement Models

Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

Top Technologies

We work with the most recent technologies in the industry to deliver the best possible results.

Rapid Delivery

We ensure the rapid delivery of your project as our skilled and experienced ROR developers leave no stone unturned to complete your project within the given time.

Have an awesome Project idea and not sure how to get started?

Industries We Serve

Our extensive experience allows us to serve businesses of all types and sizes, and diverse industries like













We have created many powerful websites with excellent design elements and brought visions to life in the past, we can do the same for your business as well. Based on your ROI expectations and goals, we offer cost-effective website development services that will redefine your business.

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