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Self-Learning Voice, Chat and Adminstrative Bots Intelligent voice and chat bots for your business

OnGraph is an early adopter of technology and since the launch of AIML chat and voice platforms, OnGraph team delivered highly engaging internal and clients bots on platforms like Slack, FB Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa etc. Team has successfully conceptualised, designed and developed many AIML applications to provide personalised selling, customer support, educate users, query or update business data on these chat or voice platforms. Whatever be your use-case or idea is, OnGraph bot team can build your proof of concept or full integrated applications.

  • Bots Strategy and Consulting
  • Bots design and user experience
  • Bots development and training
  • Bots deployments and maintenance

Scalable, Robust Web Applications Developing scalable and modern web applications since 2008

We build mission critical business web applications for both B2C and B2B businesses using latest technologies and scripting languages. Our web apps are used by millions of users worldwide and awarded at major events. Our architects follow cloud based design patterns to build scalable and high performing web apps for businesses. Our team has expertise on building SaaS apps, advertising platforms, marketplaces, analytical applications, custom ERP apps, CRM apps

  • Web App Strategy and Tech Stack Selection
  • Web App Architecture Design & Consulting
  • Web App Development
  • Web App Deployment & Maintenance

Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality Apps Build your next AR or mixed reality apps with OnGraph

Looking for a partner who understand nitty-gritty of augmented reality apps, look no further, OnGraph team of experts can help you strategize, design, develop and launch your applications affordably. OnGraph team is building amazing games, branded applications or experience apps since 2008.

  • App Strategy & Consulting
  • App Design & User Experience
  • App Development & Testing
  • App Launch & Maintenance

Mobile Games Development Helping you build engaging games for your users

Have an amazing games idea, think it can be a sensation among users, OnGraph's games app development team can help you conceptualize, define, design, develop and launch your next game idea. Team had built hundreds on games for both iOS and Android platforms i.e 2D games, 3D games, trivia apps, money spinners, learning games, board games, multiplayer games or fantasy sports games for global clients.

  • Game Strategy & Consulting
  • Game Design & User Experience
  • Game App Development & Testing
  • Game Launch & Maintenance

Mobile App Development Top rated one-stop mobile app development services for you

Got an idea but not sure from where to start, our consulting team will work with you right from inception to successfully launch your mobile apps in no-time. We outline detailed feature set, create pixel perfect designs, use proven coding best practices with solid project execution skills. We implement robust and comprehensive app analytics to provide you deeper insights about user behaviours to make your apps a successful business. We even go an extra mile to make your perfect VC pitch deck, make warm introductions to VCs and run successful promotion strategies for your app.

  • App Strategy & Consulting
  • App Design and User Experience
  • Game App Development
  • App Launch & Promotion

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