OnGraph Technologies prides itself on being an Amazon Technology Partner providing AWS cloud based services and solutions.

AWS, which is a cloud computing platform, provides flexible, scalable infrastructure for your business and its needs. It is also very cost-effective. No matter whatever industry your business caters to, AWS has a solution for you. With over 5+ years of AWS experience, OnGraph has paved its way catering to industries like Entertainment, Healthcare and Finance to name a few.

How your business would be benefited from AWS? Check out the below mentioned some of the important attributes of AWS:


AWS allows all the organisations to use any infrastructure they are most comfortable with. This includes the choice of Operating system, databases etc all is at the organisation's discretion. It helps the companies to fulfil their diverse business needs.

Lighter on the pocket:

That's right! AWS is very much cost effective as the model is very simple. Pay for what you use with no up-front or long term payments to tie you down.

Scalabality and Elasticity:

It allows to easily add or subtract the resources from the applications for better customer as well as cost management.


Any business hs the security as the first priority when choosing any platform as the probability of data leakage may hamper businesses. AWS provides end to end Security and end to end privacy. AWS builds services in accordance with security best practices, provides appropriate security features in those services, and documents how to use those features.

Our AWS services include the following:

Performance Optimization:

Our recommendations on optimizations would help you in better processes, faster speed, higher availability, better infrastructure cost control and faster content delivery.

AWS Cloud Consulting:

We provide consultation and advisory services for you so that you can use the cloud to make your application scalable and available with optimum cost and performance.

AWS Cloud Migration Services:

We also specialise in analysing your current IT infrastructure and help you to move your applications, data and content seamlessly to AWS cloud.


Managing and Implementing Big Data Solutions:

We help our clients to manage and implement big data solution on AWS cloud to provision the storage, computation, and database services to turn the data into information.

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