Remote Working Tools Every Developer Needs to Have

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July 26, 2016 | 1868 Views

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There, a wide range of tools and resources are available for kick-ass designers and developers that let them run software projects smoothly and efficiently. These tools are proven highly beneficial to remote developers who have to perform their jobs from remote locations. Remote developers get the convenience to work with the different teams and manage different projects so easily.


Here is a list of 7 amazing remote working tools, professional remote developers are adapting frequently to make their life a bit easier and for the efficient performance in the work they performed.


1. Slack


Collaboration is the key to avail the desired outcome. For collaboration, effective communication between web application developers is must. That’s where, Slack comes handy and a perfect fit in distributed web development teams.  Slack supports real-time collaboration between team members. It allows users to chat asynchronous as well as synchronous. This tool also provides a transparent view of all that’s going on. Not just the chats, but all kinds of files like PDFs, spreadsheets and images can be dropped right into Slack and shared with anyone you want.


2. GitHub


Today’s software development companies breathe GitHub. GitHub is a software that helps developers build amazing software products. Amazingly, it has features that supports projects to be made public as well as publicly shared code is freely readable. Besides publicly shared projects, it is also possible to set up private projects that only visible to shared contacts. It provides a never-ending amount of free, open-source projects and code snippets.


3. iDoneThis


iDoneThis is making teams better by providing them efficient control and tracking over the work every day. This is an excellent tool that integrates with other apps and automates the tedious tasks in work flow. This is an email powered app that sends an email having outlines of everything that the whole team has done yesterday. It sends an auto-generated team report that provides a quick insight of whole team’s work or project progress.


4. Usersnap 


Usersnap is a central place to organize web projects. This tool has introduced real-time features. Chats and discussions are possible on the project dashboards. User can discuss new product ideas or improvements, filing and fixing bugs in web app as well as collect customer feedback. An interesting thing is everything will be secured and saved in Usersnap that proves it’s a great fit to remote team of web developers and designers.


5. InVision


Invision is a powerful prototyping tool that helps to maintain workflow of a project. It simplifies the discussion process about mockups or prototyping of web project. This tool can store new design drafts as well as allow discussion inside InVision. It is worth for remote designers, developers and project managers share prototype designs and provide instant feedback directly on the designs. It also notifies other team members when changes to screen are made.


6.  Screenhero and TeamViewer


Sometimes you need to work together with peers in the real-time on the same project. At that moment, screenshots, gifs and other kind of visual explanations not works enough. That’s the time when you need to jump on a video call with screen sharing options. Screenhero and TeamViewer are two amazing tools for remote developers to share screen with colleagues. Screenhero also supports voice chats as well as multiple mouse cursors for efficient control. It is great with most IDE, whereas TeamViewer allow multi-monitor support, drag & drop files, as well as record of session and convert it to AVI.


7. Google Drive/Dropbox


You need not to play big games to Google Drive. Google Drive is a must-have in tool list of remote developers. Its cloud storage service offers great support to save and share crucial file of project’s components like documents, images, videos, PDF etc with teams working in distributed locations. Dropbox is yet another cloud based and highly popular data storage app that allow access to stored data from anywhere and keeps files safe.


I hope this article helps for anyone out there looking information about great tools for performing remote web development jobs. If you have heard or are using other interesting tools to perform your job as a remote employee, share it with us and our readers by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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